How Twitter Lists Lead To Stronger Media Relationships

By: KCD PR Editorial Staff

Since their launch in 2009, Twitter lists have remained one of the platform’s most valuable yet underutilized social media tools. In case you’re new to this feature, Twitter lists allow you to create public or private custom timelines, comprised of only the accounts you choose.

Whether you use the social media platform for personal or professional use, below are the top three reasons why Twitter lists should be in your social media toolkit.

  1. Twitter lists help you narrow your target audience. If you’re working in an agency setting, creating a list of key reporters for each of your clients allows you to create a tailored feed of the most important news for that organization. Brands can utilize the feature for the same benefit by creating a list for each target audience and demographic. Some of the top public lists we follow to stay informed on our industries of interest are Top Financial Journalists, Most Influential Women and Tech News.
  2. Twitter lists help you build relationships. Maybe you’ve identified a few influencers that are key to helping you or your organization grow. Most major news outlets including Bloomberg, BuzzFeed and the Wall Street Journal have public lists made up of journalists that write for their publication. If your goal is to gain coverage in a specific publication, following these lists will give you insight into what their reporters across the outlet are writing about, and how you can best engage to build a lasting relationship.
  3. Twitter lists help you stay ahead of the fast moving news cycle. In today’s fast-paced media landscape, news moves a mile a minute and if you aren’t proactively engaged, you could miss your shot to contribute to a trending topic. After you’ve followed a few lists, or created your own, you should be able to scan the feeds for buzzworthy angles you or your organization can focus in on. MSNBC’s Breaking News Twitter account has a number of lists that are customized for breaking news in specific cities across the world. Follow your hometown, your work’s HQ location, or an area you hope to grow your business in to stay up to date with the most important news of that region.

Reaching your social media goals should be about working smarter, not harder. By creating or subscribing to Twitter lists, you can improve your current social media strategy, build better relationships, and more effectively reach your target audience.

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