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IDIQ looked to KCD PR to increase consumer lead generation and set its brand apart from its competitors in the identity theft and credit monitoring space. The company aimed to increase market share by narrowing the gap of its share of voice with legacy brands in the vertical while surpassing others.

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To separate IDIQ from their competitors, KCD PR created an aggressive PR strategy that identified topical news trends that IDIQ could be positioned as the authoritative and trusted voice in the space. Through a messaging mapping strategic plan, KCD PR identified IDIQ’s various solutions in their respected business verticals and created specific messaging and pitch themes for each. This meant the team was reaching out to various trade media outlets within numerous industries, including financial planning, financial services institutions, credit education and counseling, multi-family housing, real estate and mortgage, cybersecurity, fintech, personal finance, and more.

The process involved developing a bench of subject matter experts who could speak to a variety of fintech and cybersecurity topics that pertain to IDIQ’s business verticals. Each subject matter expert received media training, prep sessions before interviews, and screen tests before broadcast interviews to ensure that the company’s best capabilities were showcased.

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In identifying news trends to which IDIQ could speak, KCD PR was able to secure coverage in national outlets such as Fox Business, Yahoo, Business Insider, Forbes, CBS News, Houston Chronicle and many more. KCD PR successfully secured over 200 pieces of earned media coverage for IDIQ. One such pitch about AI voice cloning to Fox Business garnered the attention of PR Daily for a feature and was recognized as an NYX Grand Winner. Another pitch focused on how to avoid falling victim to fraudulent charity scams for Israeli relief which received more than 60 earned media mentions. 

In tandem with the IDIQ team, KCD PR helped establish the brand as a household name and an emerging leader in the identity theft and credit monitoring space. An external audit found that their internal brand, IdentityIQ, increased its share of voice by reach by 10%, up to 16% of the total market, only trailing one legacy competitor.

KCD PR was also able to achieve earned media coverage with regional print and broadcast stations through campaigns focused on areas being affected by specific scams or threats, especially cities with a high population of military-adjacent families and individuals.

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