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As a new start-up in the crypto market, Defy Trends came to KCD PR with a need for brand awareness and adoption of their highly technical and complicated product—an information hub that provides analytics to help crypto traders make informed decisions. They needed to elevate brand exposure in industry events and press as well as enhanced visibility and engagement across social media.

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KCD PR developed Defy Trends’ brand narrative to ensure it would resonate with enterprise digital trading platforms, individuals using and trading digital assets, crypto influencers, and the media. We also presented Defy Trends as the go-to standard for data analytics for cryptocurrencies, NFTs and digital markets, appealing to both individual users and traders, along with enterprise platforms.

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KCD PR secured a number of media opportunities with compelling story angles for Defy Trends and elevated its voice and exposure across the industry. This included attaining maximum exposure for Defy Trends at Consensus, one of the largest festival-like events for the decentralized world—securing a speaking opportunity and multiple media engagements.

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