Finovate Day 2!

By: KCD PR Editorial Staff


Day two of Finovate Fall has left us feeling motivated and inspired! Today, we got some airtime on DM Radio, a data-management themed, weekly, one-hour live radio show broadcast on Thursdays at 3 PM Eastern / 12 PM Pacific. Look out for the podcast version of the show to be released over the next couple of days. We also attended MLOps NYC, a conference that focuses on machine learning management and its applications in the world of business. With shows all over the city and an emphasis on the relationship between data and tech, MLOps NYC was a fascinating experience and we hope to return! 

Finovate Fall day two was full of announcements and exciting reveals. One of the most notable was the launching of  All Of Us, a new, self-directed investment platform. All Of Us is already said to be seriously challenging popular investment app, Robinhood. The new app does more than offer than offer commission-free trading, it also pays people to trade equities. That’s right! You get paid to trade!

Also at finovate, we continued to be captivated by innovative demos! We are connecting with so many awesome people and been introduced to some fantastic companies. Here are three demos that stood out to us: 

First, we loved South Korea-based Secuve’s demo! Secuve makes efficiency and security a major priority. Secuve biometrics and signature based solutions (Secusign) sends you a personal QR code which, when scanned, triggers a payments. Additionally, this unique code can be applied to mobile payments and used for ID verification. Secuve both eliminates the need for a credit card to complete your payment, and allows for heightened payment security. We are always drawn to simple and safe tech!

Another impressive demo that stood out to us came from Flybits. Flybits is based in Canada and can be categorized as a custom-experience platform. Via its demo, we learned of Flybits unique capabilities and applications. This B2B solution enables financial institutions to deliver hyper-personalized customer experiences by using data and artificial intelligence. Be sure to take advantage of the company’s free demo to learn more. 

Speaking of Artificial Intelligence, IntergenData is using AI to predict life events! More specifically, this technology also advisors to quickly access relevant information about their clients’ upcoming financial journey. IntergenData applies a similar idea to marketing efforts. It was interesting to learn just how this works: Deep learning algorithms select what content is popular, draw parallels, and curate new content that gets more engagement than typical, human-generated content. 

 Check out our instagram @KCDPR where we are posting all the highlights from Finovate Fall! From announcements to demos, we are so excited to see what tomorrow has in store. 


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