Wonders & Blunders: Profiting from Loss

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Profiting From Loss

This week brings new meaning to “profit and loss.” We could be gaining a new app to predict the future success of our new bosses, but will it cut down on creativity in the boardroom? Cybersecurity confidence is low, but will that help your team gain a new CISO? Lastly, we pay homage to an industry legend, whose loss will be keenly felt even as we continue to learn from his many “tricks.”

Can Tech Predict Personal Success?
What are the most important traits to predict success in a prospective leader? Soon, there will be an app for that. Village Capital has partnered with the psychometrics consultancy Waypoint People Solutions to isolate executive personality traits that most commonly correlate with company performance, and some of the results are surprising. The STAR (Startup Team Aptitude and Readiness) tool has found that self-awareness is critical, but a creative or people-focused CEO could harm the bottom line. INC reports that the tool found “women-founded companies performed stronger in nine out of ten of the categories we measured of subjective and objective performance.” Score one point for the girls.
Ladies are good at a lot of things. 

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Cybersecurity Confidence Breach
More than half of respondents counted in the 2017 Cybersecurity Trends Report admitted low confidence in their corporate security measures and high expectations of facing new cyberattacks this year. Come on, everyone, we can do better than that! Forbes outlines the industry’s most worrisome trends, and how to address cybersecurity threats posed by applications, ERC, data and malicious insiders. It’s time for your company’s CISO to translate awareness into action.
PR Trick: Pick Up The Phone
The PR industry lost one of its greats last month. Al Grolin famously cold-called Ray Kroc in 1957, and was hired for $500 per month to run PR for a then-fledgling hamburger chain called McDonalds. His agency still retains the account 60 years later, and many of the tactics Grolin employed to boost McDonald’s public image, including a focus on humility and charity, have become industry standards. “During a long career, from which he never retired, Mr. Golin urged executives not to take themselves too seriously,” The Wall Street Journal recounted. “Decades ago, while making a presentation … he leaned back. His chair tipped over, launching him into a backward somersault. Mr. Golin popped back up and quipped, ‘And now for my next trick…’”  So long, Al, and thanks for all the tips.
Bill Snyder, a practice consultant for the Business Management Services (BMS) model at 1st Global explains in WealthManagement.com why a seasonal financial planning approach should take into account how the brain functions and how individuals make decisions.
The Artificial Intelligence Conference brings together leading AI researchers and top industry practitioners. The annual event will focus on emerging AI technology with a specific focus around projects, teams and people who are working on Artificial General Intelligence and related topics.  
Date: June 2, 2017
Place: San  Francisco, CA
It’s official: your web-browsing data is up for grabs. Congress recently voted to roll back FCC consumer privacy protections, and while some ISPs have announced that they will not peddle customer data, those of us who value our sensitive information and trade secrets have taken cybersecurity into our own hands. You should do the same, and here’s where to start.
Which of the following sources of data would net the most money for your ISP?
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