Three Steps to #TopInfluencer Status on Social Media

By: KCD PR Editorial Staff

Those #TopInfluencers on Forbes’ new list have really nailed the whole social networking thing. You’ve checked out their content — it’s very good — and you can see why they’ve amassed more than 250 million followers. But the 250-million-dollar question remains: How did they do it?

Content is King

Let’s say you’re scrolling through your Facebook feed, which of the following will catch your eye: a 500-word diatribe on the state of the union, or a cute photo of a kitten wearing sunglasses? When it comes to social media, whether it’s a photo of your favorite celeb or an informative infographic, a picture really is worth a thousand words. (#KCDProTip: if you don’t have the bandwidth or skill to create your own infographic, check out  — and don’t forget to cite your sources!). Statistics point to video content as leading traffic drivers, especially in the B2B space, so don’t be afraid to hit the red “Record” button.

Once your imagery has caught the eye, your audience will be more likely to “like” if you’ve provided clever, creative, unique and engaging content. Use the active voice and a conversational tone. And don’t forget to tell everyone what you want them to do! Provide a clear call-to-action (CTA): ask them to like, comment, share, click a link, sing a song, or if you’re bold, use the magic three-letter word (BUY!). 

Engage, Engage

A noticeable difference between brands that stand out on social media and those that don’t is their level of engagement with followers. You can spend all day sharing insightful and unique content on social media, but you’ll just be another boring brand broadcaster if you don’t interact with your audience. When followers take the time to comment on your statuses, comment back! When you get new followers on Twitter, say thank you! Social media flipped the script, and audiences aren’t just looking to follow you on social — they’re looking to form a two-sided relationship with your brand.

Yes, we know, engagement is a lot of work! Hashtags can help your audience to keep track of what’s happening with your brand and take part in your online conversations — and they make it easier for you to monitor what everyone is saying about your company. Jump into conversations surrounding *relevant* current trending topics (#KCDProTip: check out Trendsmap), or flex your creative muscles and make up your own hashtags, keeping them simple and intuitive.

Add Value

As you’ll see from the diversity among users represented in Forbes’ list, there are as many recipes for success on social as there are actual recipes in the foodie #TopInfluencer feeds. What works for one user may fall flat for another. Our best #KCDProTip: always remember what your audience is looking to gain from you, provide valuable information, and better yet, find solutions to their questions and concerns. Keep your target audience in mind when developing all your content, from your website to marketing collateral to blog posts: What do they want to hear? What are they looking to learn from you? What problems can you solve?

Do they even like cats?


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