Top 3 Social Trends for Marketers and PR Pros in 2023

By: Julianne Gee

The definition of “social trends” is going to vary wildly depending on what demographic of people you’re talking to. Content creators might tell you about which songs have gotten them the most views, and users might tell you about the red flag filter on TikTok. 

The thing about social media content trends, though, is that they move so fast— once you’ve compiled the neat little list for your blog they’ve already gone out of style.  

Identifying the kind of usable social media trends marketers and communication professionals can use can be challenging. Luckily, there are a lot of folks out there who are on top of the trends and whose expertise is invaluable for marketers and PR pros alike.  

  For Public Relations Professionals: Counter Cancel Culture  

 If you’re in public relations and not following, Molly McPherson on TikTok then where are you getting your advice about social media PR crises?  

 In a recent TikTok Molly said, “People are starting to hate the hate, and they’re starting to hate more on the haters. We’re coming to a ‘counter cancel culture’ phase of social media culture.” 

 While PR pros should still be sensitive to current social issues, many people are starting to push back on the general hate that others receive. Many folks on TikTok, Instagram, and even LinkedIn will come to the defense of people online.  

 But what exactly does this mean for PR pros?  

It’s telling us to have a human face for your company on social media, whether that’s the CEO, COO, or CMO.  People are far more willing to step up and be forgiving when a human connection is present. This is particularly applicable on platforms like LinkedIn where there are fewer anonymous users trolling about.  

Consider Davis Smith founder and board member at Cotopaxi who received some backlash for a post on Cotopaxi’s San Francisco location. After the original post was deleted, he made a follow-up post apologizing and releasing updates about the store. The comments on the post are overwhelmingly positive, and that human connection to Davis is partly to thank for the positivity. 

 What should PR pros do, then? 

Make sure your company’s CEO (or other spokespeople) posts regularly—and not always marketing the company! Even if they are not the main focus of social media outreach, having that human voice creates a connection that a company page can never achieve.  

For Marketers: The “Four E’s” are Queen 

According to Ross Simmonds, CEO of Foundation Marketing, many companies make a mistake by not following what he dubs the “Four E’s” in content marketing. 

  • Educational content 
  • Engaging content 
  • Empowering content 
  • Entertaining content 

While this concept is not particularly groundbreaking, it’s becoming increasingly important, especially for brands who are trying to break onto short-form video platforms. Just take a look at this recent video by Christopher Claflin whose TikTok about Ford’s social media presence garnered 1 million views.  

 So, what exactly does this mean for marketers? 

 It means that marketers need to think like content creators (because marketers need more things to worry about). Aligning content with these four concepts can bring greater visibility and engagement to social channels.  

 The Washington Post is a great example of this on TikTok. While you might expect a newspaper to do simple informative bits and news clips, their posts frame current news in funny and engaging ways that fit the style of the platform. The account currently has close to 2M followers on the platform.  

 What can marketers do? 

 We’re halfway through the year, there’s no better time to evaluate your company’s social media content marketing strategy. Take stock of the content you’re currently publishing and see what you can do to align it with “the Four E’s.” 

  For Both: LinkedIn’s Algorithm Changes 

It’s no secret that LinkedIn is one of the best platforms for businesses when it comes to organic social content. But recently, the LinkedIn algorithm got a major update.  

“LinkedIn set about trying to make its feed more relevant and informative, and not just engaging and sticky. As a result of the changes…. the company says it’s seen an 80% reduction in people complaining about irrelevant content on their feeds,” Jason Feifer said in an article in Entrepreneur Magazine. 

 Jason also identified some key points from the change as well: 

  1. LinkedIn pushes your content more to your direct followers 
  2. LinkedIn prioritizes posts that share “knowledge and advice” 

 For a more thorough breakdown of those points, check out Jason’s article linked above! 

 What does this mean for PR pros & marketers? 

It means that on LinkedIn you’re less likely to go viral. The content might make a fundamental shift over the next few months, so now might be a good time to try a few new strategies.  It also means that employees’ advocacy and sharing will be more crucial than ever.  

Because this change happened only a month ago, there haven’t been many direct use cases with the updates. However, many folks on LinkedIn have some great advice or tips for making the best use of the new algorithm.  

 What should marketers & PR pros do?  

The two previous actions feed into this one. LinkedIn’s new focus on knowledge and expertise means that the first “E” in our total four is going to be important in evaluating your content strategy. That same knowledge is best shared by a spokesperson whose record on LinkedIn shows that expertise.  

Additionally, look into different ways to get your employee involved in your content or make incentives for sharing content on their channels.  

Staying on top of trends in social media and communications can be nigh impossible, but luckily KCD PR publishes a blog every week to keep pros entertained (hopefully) and educated (definitely). Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here! 



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