KCD PR Takes on FinovateFall 2019!

By: KCD PR Editorial Staff

More of the KCD PR team is bi-coastal this week as we take on FinovateFall in New York! We’d like to consider ourselves Finovate regulars at this point, but the more we attend the more we look forward to seeing all the trailblazing and upcoming companies, learning from top innovators in the space and meeting some pretty amazing people along the way.

Although we truly enjoy every minute spent at Finovate, we have to admit that the demos are our favorite part. There’s something exciting about watching a company, passionately demonstrate their tool or product in a creative way without any slides or presentation, all in under seven minutes to avoid being “gonged” off the stage (literally stopped mid-sentence by a gong). Not to our surprise, today’s first wave of demos did not disappoint.

One of the first to demo was MoEngage. MoEngage is a customer engagement platform used by businesses to personalize every customer interaction, in hopes to drive better engagement, retention, loyalty and lifetime value. The team demoed how a bank would be able to use the platform for personalized customer communications. One feature that can be utilized through MoEngage to increase customer loyalty, is setting up personalized text messages to keep customers updated on their account. Another fun feature that can be implemented to make customers lives easier is the GPS aspects. For example, if enabled MoEngage would know that you are at JFK airport and will ask if you are leaving the country so it can make a note in your bank account, ensuring you have consistent service and access to your account when traveling.

Another standout demo was from Plinqit, a savings app that creates higher user engagement for financial institutions while aligning date, behavior and incentives. Plinqit demoed how it allows banks and credit unions to easily and cost-effectively introduce new services for attracting and retaining customers. For example, the platform’s Build Skills feature pays customers for engaging with content—in turn benefiting both parties by paying and educating customers, but also creating higher user engagement and producing more usable data for the institution. Who wouldn’t want to build their skills and get paid at the same time!  

PayFi made some noise (literally) rounding out the morning demos. PayFi is a simple and secure API that enables banks, fintech, processors and merchant service providers to move money between bank accounts in real-time. Aimed specifically at helping community banks, PayFi is connected with big players like MasterCard and Visa, making moving money easier, more cost effective, flexible and precise. Although they were the first team to get gonged, we loved hearing about PayFi and they only left us wanting to learn more.

Now on to some networking and more demos this afternoon. We can’t wait to see all that FinovateFall has to offer this year!   


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