Wonders & Blunders: Moving at the Speed of Light

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Moving at the Speed of Light

Moving at the Speed of Light

Talk about “leaps and bounds!” This week’s soaring tech advancements are giving us vertigo. From pre-programmed Wall Street detectives to chips that behave like brains, local cybersecurity home runs and flying cars, we’re definitely along for this ride.

Let’s Go Fly … A Car
Self-driving cars are so last week. Bigwigs including Uber, Airbus, Larry Page and the government of Dubai have moved their money into the airspace, banking on personal aircraft that will bring cars soaring above traffic jams, straight to your driveway (but not your neighbors’, obvs). The New York Times profiled Silicon Valley startup Kitty Hawk’s contender, an “open-seated, 220-pound contraption with room for one person, powered by eight battery-powered propellers that howled as loudly as a speedboat.” OK, so maybe it “looked like something Luke Skywalker would have built out of spare parts,” but we’re working from the ground up.
The Wolf-Catcher of Wall Street
IBM’s Watson famously outsmarted the human competition on Jeopardy. Here’s the next mission, if the AI super-computer chooses to accept it: Become the Sherlock Holmes of finance. The Wall Street Journal reports that Watson will behave “like a detective that can do problem solving, rather than just a search.” IBM is betting that Watson will become invaluable to compliance officers by analyzing “trader chats, emails, trading data, market data and other inputs to flag cases where a bank employee might be engaging in insider trading or market manipulation.” Watch out wolves, our money is on the machine.
A Chip Off the Old Brain
Artificial intelligence processing chips that mimic the processes of our gray matter have been around for decades, and they’re finally catching the tech industry’s eye. Wired reports that Google, Facebook, IBM, Microsoft, Intel, and Qualcomm have all made strides toward developing “deep neural networkscomplex mathematical systems that can learn tasks on their own by analyzing vast amounts of data.” These AI chips run faster and consume less power—smart, everyone.  
San Diego might be famous for sunshine, but the Cyber Center of Excellence is putting us on the map for something even brighter. CCOE Co-Chair Kenneth Slaght sat down with the San Diego Union-Tribune to outline how our city is leading America in combating cyber warfare.
If your company doesn’t have a Chief Information Security Officer, you’re living in the dark ages. KCD PR CEO Kevin Dinino took to HATCH Magazine to explain why hiring a CISO should be an essential item on your cybersecurity checklist. 
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Here are our predictions for the future: a flying car in every driveway, and a brain in every home.  The “smart home” market is moving fast and gaining acceptance among consumers. Here are the latest and greatest tech advancements we expect will dominate the smart-home market this year.
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