A Rough Road for America’s Infrastructure

By: KCD PR Editorial Staff
Category: Technology | Transport

Our aging electricity grid is arguably one of our nation’s greatest engineering achievements, but considering its recent D+ rating by the American Society of Civil Engineers, it needs work. Business Insider reports that replacing it could cost up to $5 trillion! There’s no question of the need to invest in our energy infrastructure (the very device you’re using to read this blog depends upon it!). But debate abounds over how we begin: do we repair existing structures in attempt to preserve our existing investment, or should we double down on new, cleaner, more efficient options that could last longer?


transportation infrastructure

Our roads and transit systems are also in rough shape, with ASCE grades of D and D-, respectively. The same questions apply, but on these fronts, we vote high-tech! One of our favorite new innovations in e-construction is Project Inspection Software, which harnesses new technology to speed up big infrastructure projects.

Smart phones and tablets may seem like old-news tech to many of us, but the transportation industry is rarely an early adopter. Mobile technology applications have finally brought easier, cheaper, more effective communication options to the front lines of construction projects. Pavia Systems’ HeadLight enables on-the-job project inspectors to provide real-time direct input to offsite crews, replacing the current (slow!) manual process that often causes delays. Workers equipped with a tablet and the HeadLight software can easily snap pictures, take notes, develop reports and make real-time updates from the field, all tasks that once would have taken a worker hours to complete from an office.

So where will we take the construction industry from here? Obviously, whichever route we choose to travel, let’s give it the old college try: A+ infrastructure improvements, all around.



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