Wonders & Blunders: This is Your Doctor

By: Kevin Dinino

This is Your Doctor

This week we’ve been bombarded with news all of which could affect our health one way or another. VR and AI are improving our lives by making healthcare less costly, while simultaneously ensuring surgeons have practiced enough pretend surgery before entering the operating room. Meanwhile, technology advancements are creating an army of kid coders and possibly giving Venmo executives a heart attack. Good thing our doctors are getting plenty of virtual practice!

Mad About Your Co-Pay? 

We all know the major implications artificial intelligence is projected to have on varying industries, but none may be as important as the application of AI to the field of healthcare. AI is looking to “dramatically drive down the cost of health care while increasing effectiveness.” AI can be used to compare data across users and develop patterns that allow us to see warning signs before it is too late, helping to eliminate diseases and other medical emergencies. While still in the early stages, AI’s capabilities and influence is sure to be a disruptive force.
Virtual Brain Surgery?
Yes please.
At first mention, Virtual Reality most likely brings to mind alternative worlds or intense video game play, however these experiences are just brushing the surface of VRs full suite of capabilities. Businesses have been putting VR to work on serious issues. Gary Steinberg, Stanford University’s head of neurosurgery, has been using VR to map out and practice brain surgeries prior to performing them on patients. Walmart also recently announced it will be using VR in all of its training centers in years to come. VR is not only revolutionizing the way in which we train and prepare for everyday jobs, it’s doing so in a way that improves accuracy and safety for all. 

How to Train Your Child to … Code 

With technology driving pretty much everything we do in society these days, having coding skills can come in handy. Now, even seven year olds are learning to master coding with an influx of educational tools developed to make the process fun and intriguing. So what’s the big deal? Well, now children don’t have to be enrolled in specialty STEM programs just to have access to technology focused learning. You can expect to see more coding-focused classes implemented throughout public and private schools as better tools are developed and refined.
For business owners, the decision to bring on a third-party administer to manage benefits can be a tough call. Zane Dalal, EVP at BPA, walks business owners and their advisors through the decision-making process in ThinkAdvisor.  
Startup enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, investors and lovers of innovation, you’re not going to want to miss San Diego Startup Week! SDSW brings together the community to share progress, exchange resources and celebrate the thriving innovation economy found in our city.  
Date: June 19-23, 2017
Place: San Diego, CA
Self-driving cars are so last week. Media coverage of transportation technology has moved onward — and upward. We’ve got the 411 on flying cars.  
Do you want your doctor to practice in virtual reality?
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Texting Could Cost You

Venmo is a hero to many millennials, but there is new competition on the block as Apple announced this week the ability to send money via iMessage … gasp. While the move isn’t really that shocking, it does send a bigger message to firms providing only one service – will you survive? Tech giants like Apple are well poised to expand their service offerings in a short period of time in order to meet the desires of consumers, so smaller tech companies better be prepared to adapt or die in this hyper-competitive environment.


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