Wonders & Blunders: Are You Artificially Intelligent?

By: KCD PR Editorial Staff

Are You Artificially Intelligent?

We’re feeling smart this week, and you should too. From fintech to artificial intelligence, even the most advanced technologies are becoming available to everyone, which will make us all look good. With new programs aimed at developing user-friendly machine-learning algorithms, the future of all industries (especially PR) is bright.
Bring on the robots!

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AI Goes Mainstream

KCD PR tech emojiAI is so hot right now, but it’s also super complicated, and the barrier of entry is so high that the industry is entirely dependent upon a very small (and expensive) pool of PhDs. New technologies can’t go mainstream without sufficient talent, so big names including AT&T, Clarifai, IBM and UC Berkley are developing simpler tools that will enable non-experts to leverage machine learning to develop their own programs. The applications are endless, from image recognition and customer service, to suturing wounds and planting trees. Per Fast Company: “This not only helps the technology keep growing, but by preserving and even creating new jobs, it could also be the key to assuaging human fears about the prospect of killer robots—or at the very least, career-killing robots.”   Check out the latest in AI for your home.


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Artificially Intelligent PR

KCD PR smiley emojiNow that we’ve got that pesky robots-taking-our-job issue out of the way, we feel much better about Forbes’ prediction that AI will “radically change the PR industry in a positive way.” By leveraging real-time data about target audiences’ opinions and online behavior, we’ll be able to show you guys exactly what you’re looking for — or at least things you find cool, not annoying. Everyone wins! Next stop: mind control…  Until then, we’ll keep using emojis to pull at your heartstrings.

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Need a Cash App? Google It

Some of the coolest tech advancements come out of the fintech sector, but even the most innovative concepts won’t take off without users. Enter the Goliath: Google has partnered with the Center for Financial Services Innovation to help customers navigate the plethora of apps in the Google Play Store. American Banker reports that Google’s “improve your financial health” page will suggest financial-health apps that adhere to a set of “part practical, part philosophical” guidelines, which will be made available to developers.  Now that you’ve got the app, here are some comms tips for fintech startups.



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