The Five Podcasts Tech PR Pros Need to be Listening to Right Now

By: KCD PR Editorial Staff

In the past few years, the popularity of podcasts has steadily surged with over half of Americans having listened to one as of 2019 according to Pew Research Center. With a growing skepticism around traditional media sources and widespread paranoia centered around the idea of fake news, podcasts for tech PR pros have become essential tools for getting information relative to a specific niche.

For the public relations professional, this means refocusing efforts and including podcasts as a must-have tool in any media relations arsenal. In addition to using them as a resource for identifying prominent influencers in just about any industry, podcasts also provide ample thought leadership opportunities for subject matter experts (SMEs) and allows those SMEs to reach an audience that is significantly more targeted beyond the offerings of traditional media outlets.

For the tech PR pro, the podcasts listed below are a great place to start diving in:

For the Technophile

Recode Decode – For listeners interested in understanding the complex and turbulent happenings of Silicon Valley, Recode Decode hosted by one of Silicon Valley’s most revered journalists, Kara Swisher hosts candid interviews with tech execs, politicians, celebrities and more about their big ideas and how they’re changing our world. To start your Recode Decode listening story off with a bang, we recommend starting with Swisher’s interview with Mark Zuckerberg. In this episode, she candidly asks for the truth about Facebook’s role in the 2016 presidential elections, data security and the spread of fake news via social media.

Cyber Insiders – Produced by the Cyber Center of Excellence and hosted by KCD PR President Kevin Dinino, this 10-part series features leaders from industry, academia and government agencies to discuss what citizens and businesses need to know about the current threat landscape, protection and risk management strategies, innovations and growing workforce needs. The podcast also dives into career pathways in the field of cyber-security and the need for more diverse talent in its latest episode featuring Jennie Brooks, senior vice president of Booz Allen Hamilton.

For the Finance Fanatic

Mission Matters Money – One podcast personal finance enthusiasts should not miss out on is “Money Matters” with Adam Torres. The growing popularity of the gig economy offers significant opportunities for flexibility for many Americans but also leaves them susceptible to a gap in retirement savings due to their independent status. Our favorite episode features Kevin Boyles, VP of business development with Millennium Trust Company, and explores the current state of retirement savings in the US as well as provides valuable tips for independent workers looking for resources.

Planet Money – NPR’s Planet Money offers listeners a simplified–and dare we say entertaining– analysis via host Kenny Malone of the country’s current economic state and how the economy is affected by current events. A recent episode provides insight into the power struggle between Apple and Silicon Valley centered around in-app payment options and helps to connect the dots and explain the way finance and technology are seamlessly integrated.   

For the PR Pro 

Coffee with a Journalist – While many journalists make regular appearances on a variety of podcasts as SMEs, very few of those podcasts truly allow listeners to understand who the reporter is as a person. Coffee with a Journalist, produced by PR pitching platform OnePitch, allows PR pros the opportunity to listen in on intimate 1:1 conversations with editors, reporters, and journalists from top tier newsrooms and learn about their personal lives, careers, what their inbox filled with PR pitches really looks like and most importantly, tips straight from the source on the best ways to create real meaningful relationships with each reporter.

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