May the 4th be with your PR Campaign: Happy Star Wars Day!

By: Olivia Gerling

Whether you’re a small rebel company just getting started, or you’ve already built your empire, those of us at KCD PR are here to provide our best tips to go from a PR padawan to a PR master. Of course, it certainly doesn’t come without practice. Heed our advice, or your campaign may fall to the dark side.  

What is a PR Campaign?

Let’s get down to the basics – you must learn to create your lightsaber before you wield it, just like in public relations. In Star Wars lore, a Jedi in training had to go in search of a Kyber crystal to construct their lightsaber. When it comes to a PR campaign, you need to search for your goals and your audience before you begin to craft your message. A PR campaign is strategically planned content designed around your goals, whether that may be to grow your reach, announce a new hire, promote a product, or more!  

But keep in mind, marketing and PR are different. While marketing typically involves driving sales, PR focuses on increasing awareness. This could be through attracting media attention, helping with brand reputation, and more. Choosing the right fintech PR firm is essential to crafting the perfect plan.  

A Few Tips, We Have for You   

No matter who you’re working with, your number one step will always be to determine your ultimate goal. What is it you want to accomplish? Define your objective, then specify your audience. (Do you think Darth Vader went around killing everyone? Of course not! His audience was specifically rebel scum). Once you’ve figured out your goals and your reach, consider your messaging: 

  • What is my company’s voice and how do I keep it consistent? 
  • How does this messaging make our company look? 
  • Why is this message important to our audience? 
  • How will we get this message across? 

A skilled PR team will help you research market data to best drive your campaign. This may include researching competitors, varying social media platforms, and even news currently and previously in the media. To craft your campaign, you will also want to get members of the media on board to help with announcements. Research this, too! 

Of course, once you have finished your campaign, don’t forget to collect data. How many people did this reach? Did you see any traffic increase on your website? Are you being talked about on social media? 

The Force is Strong with This Firm 

Our team wouldn’t be sharing this with you if we hadn’t already had a proven track record in helping our clients out with these very tactics! Here is a great example – when IDIQ looked to KCD PR to increase consumer lead generation and set its brand apart from its competitors in the identity theft and credit monitoring space, we immediately got to work creating a campaign. We researched competitors as well as how their competitors marketed themselves.  

Our goal was not only to increase lead generation, but to also make IDIQ the premiere thought leader in cybersecurity. To separate IDIQ from the competitors, we created an aggressive PR strategy that identified topical news trends that IDIQ could be positioned as the authoritative and trusted voice in the space. In identifying news trends in which IDIQ could speak, KCD PR was able to secure coverage in national outlets such as Fox Business, Yahoo, Business Insider, Forbes, CBS News, Houston Chronicle and many more. KCD PR successfully secured over 200 pieces of earned media coverage for IDIQ. Learn more about the case study here! 

So, happy Star Wars Day, and reach out to KCD PR today to learn how we can increase your brand awareness at light speed! 

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