KCD PR takes on FinovateSpring 2019

By: KCD PR Editorial Staff

The KCD PR team has crossed the Golden Gate and is taking over FinovateSpring!

The first day of FinovateSpring kicked off with lots of networking, debates, keynotes and a panel featuring our client Tim Prier, CEO of Wicket. The KCD team actually met Tim at FinovateFall last September, and was able to secure him a panel spot covering successful partnerships in AI, a topic he knows well as the CEO of a startup banking app.

After a short Day 1, the team is excited to head into the main conference days that are filled with demos and booths everywhere you turn. If you have ever attended a Finovate conference you know the highlight of the event is the demos. Finovate gives companies the opportunity to get up on stage and demonstrate their product or technology. The catch—there are no slides or videos allowed, only a live demonstration in which they only have seven minutes to present. Each presentation is publicly monitored by a large timer in the audience that will buzz presenters off the stage when their time is up.

As if a giant looming timer constantly counting down and a live audience of thousands of people isn’t enough pressure, Finovate has upped the ante by offering a best in show award at the conference’s conclusion. Conference attendees are encouraged to login to the Finovate app and vote for their favorite demos each day.

This year’s roundup of demos is filled with different startups, apps and technologies covering industries from banking and investing to real estate and digital training. One highlight so far was Everplans, which offers a unique platform with a guidance driven digital vault and easy to understand content to help financial services companies create infinite engagement over the course of their customers’ lives. Everplans is a platform where you can safely and securely store all your important information, including wills, life insurance policies, healthcare documents, pet information and much more. Planning your life can be complicated, and Everplans takes users through step by step.

Another standout demo was Cinchy, a real-time data collaboration platform used by financial service providers to solve data integration, data access, data governance and solutions-delivery challenges. Although data collaboration can be a difficult concept to grasp, Cinchy made what they do interesting and digestible with a fun, colorful demo, which is exactly what they do for their clients as well. Cinchy allows customers to access millions of different data groupings with the help of AI, and turning it into an eye-catching user-friendly interface, no coding required.

The KCD team will be attending demos all day, so look for our next blog post that will dive into some of our favorites!

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