Four Tips for Winning at Podcast PR

By: Jean Natalina
Category: Media | Social Media

Podcasting is big, but don’t just take my word for it. According to Edison Research, about 40% of Americans listen to podcasts monthly. That means a whole lot of potential for PR pros to tap into for their clients. However, pair that with the fact that in 2022 there are now about 2.4 million podcasts globally, and things can get a little more complicated. Agencies and PR Pros will want to make sure that they are researching podcasts that will truly amplify your client’s message and story – as well as move the needle for them by reaching their core audience and customer base. In this day in age a thoughtful and informative podcast interview can be right on par with a “traditional media” interview, so here are a few tips for building a strong podcast PR strategy.

1. Know the Audience and Their Interests 

You’ll first want to start with research the same as you would for a traditional media outlet. Think of where your audience is from a geographical standpoint and match that to the podcasts. Are most of their listeners from the U.S. or other parts of the world? You’ll also want to know the demographic breakdown of your target audiences such as age, gender, and ethnicity, and make sure that matches with the podcast. Websites such as Podchaser and Muckrack are great tools to utilize for finding insights on different podcasts, such as reach, demographics, and more.

You’ll also want to listen to a few episodes of the podcast to get a sense of the host, if they are knowledgeable about their specific topic, and if their energy is a match for your client. Be aware of the conversations that are happening on the podcast and how you can align the subject matter to your client’s expertise. If your client is in the finance/tech space, like ours here at KCD PR,  here are five podcasts we recommend.

2. Write an Award-Winning Pitch

Many podcasts have an option to contact them on their webpage. Reaching out to podcast producers directly is usually the way to go. In some cases, for smaller podcasts, the producer and host will be the same person. The contact might also be active on social media and can typically be reached on different platforms. Ask them what the best way to pitch them a subject matter expert is. Think about tailoring your pitch directly to their audience’s interests and pain points. If your client has been featured in other podcast interviews, it will be helpful to add those links for reference as well.

 3. Make the Most of the Podcast Appearance

Your subject matter expert should be fully media trained and armed with information about the podcast ahead of time. Podcasts are also a great way to get your client comfortable with the media. Start with smaller podcasts, and then expand to podcasts with a larger reach. Even though a lot of podcasts are free-flowing in their format, you’ll want to have an overarching idea of the main points that your client wants to make. Focus on the problems that their business has solved and emerging industry trends rather than marketing their products or services.

4. Boost and Amplify the Interview

Use Google Alerts, Muckrack, or other available platforms to monitor when the podcast appearance is posted. Flag the link to the client as soon as possible so that they can promote it on their respective social media channels. If you oversee your client’s social channels, it will be beneficial to tag the podcast and the host. Contact the podcast ahead of time to see if they have any parameters around promoting on social media and additionally if they have a social media graphic or a social kit to share.

Podcasts can be a great tool to tell your client’s story. The longer format can lend to more informative and engaging conversations. Do your research and target podcasts that are within your client’s industry and audience demographic. Focus on industry trends and specific problems that your subject matter can discuss to entice the podcast host/producer. Then polish off your win by boosting and amplifying across social media. These few steps will be sure to have you winning at podcast PR in no time.

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