Beating the Bell

By: KCD PR Editorial Staff

If getting up in front of thousands of people to explain your business or product isn’t hard enough, Finovate puts the added pressure on their demos of having to do all of this in seven minutes or less.

Whether they beat the bell and told their story in seven minutes or the bell cut their presentation a little short, we find them all impressive just the same. Here’s a roundup of some of our favorite demos from Finovate Day 2.

One standout demo came from Digital Align with their Align Money platform. Align Money connects local businesses with financial institutions to build a financially successful workforce. The platform allows employees to access new products and apply for credit cards through their employer. As the world’s first banking solution for business owners and employees to manage money and issue company branded credit cards together, Align Money has significant benefits for the employer, employee and financial institution. The employer has a new, unique benefit to offer employees and attract talent, employees have instant access to new credit lines and are able to apply for credit that they might get approve for on their own and financial institutions have more confidence in approving employees with the employer backing, as well as gaining a new customer base. Digital Align flawlessly demoed the Align Money platform and showed the audience how users were able to pick out, apply for and get approved for two new credit cards in less than one minute.

Another one of our favorite demos was Strands, who’s BRM platform is enabled by Mastercard. The majority of small businesses fail due to poor cash flow management, so Strands created their platform to help small businesses manage cash flow and operate their business intelligently. Strands and Mastercard demoed their BFM platform and exhibited how clearly their platform shows a business’s cash flow. The platform partners with invoicing platforms like QuickBooks and using machine learning to analyze the businesses cash flow, obtain insights and prompt recommendations. For example the platform can predict that later in the month your business will have negative cash flow and make a recommendation, like sending out an invoice sooner, so you can fix the problem before it comes about. These actionable insights keep your business in the green and give you advice based on your personal cash flow patterns.

Trulioo, a verification technology brought humor to their demo by using the example of how they could work with the scandal ridden “USC” University of Southern Comfort. In order to avoid any further admission scandals, USC could use Trulioo as their verification back end to their admissions registration form. Trulioo provides the code that USC could plug into their registration form, and once the form is submitted Trulioo’s technology would check the forms fields against thousands of database across the world and instantly let USC know if the admissions candidate is legit and verified.

Digital Align, Strands and Trulioo all beat the bell and set the demo bar very high. We are excited for another full day of demos, and can’t wait to see what the world of fintech will come up with next!

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