WONDERS & BLUNDERS: It’s Time to Hide Under a Rock

By: KCD PR Editorial Staff
Category: Crisis | Media | Technology

This week’s news is downright unsettling. The countdown to the election is ON, and while most of us are sick to death of the constant drone of the 24-hour political news cycle, there’s one theme that is notably lacking – security. Between the looming threat of voting hacks, major flaws in the Windows operating system, and all our poor friends in journalism losing their jobs, perhaps we should all follow Kim Kardashian’s lead and just log off entirely.

What Do We Want? Cybersecurity! When Do We Want it? NOW
It’s hard telling who might win the 2016 election, but Tech Target has already identified some losers: the nation’s cybersecurity standards. For the first time in a U.S. presidential election, widespread reports of cyberattacks on voting systems and hacks of political organizations’ correspondence are disrupting the democratic process. It’s become common practice to point the blame at Russia, but the country needs ironclad cybersecurity standards, stricter law enforcement and updated voting technology, STAT, or we might just end up with Putin for President.

When Microsoft Spars With Google, We All Lose
Yesterday, Microsoft warned that a group of hackers linked to attacks on the Democratic National Committee had exploited a vulnerability in all Windows PCs that company engineers will need another week to fix. The bug was disclosed publicly on Monday by Google, provoking a sharp rebuke from Microsoft about the dangers of revealing flaws before fixes are available. This brings up ethical questions surrounding Google’s decision – was it right or wrong? There are two sides to this story – which side are you on?

Pour One Out for the Reporters
Speaking of catfights, The New York Times calls out Wall Street Journal Editor In Chief Gerard Baker for sending out this gloomy memo: “every story should be as short as it needs to be.” Layoffs and buyouts abound in the media biz, as Dow Jones, Gannett, News Corp. and The New York Times all cull writing staff. Times are tough enough without yet another ill-advised disclosure: “Last week, Ed Finn, the editor and president of Barron’s, unwittingly announced layoffs at the business publication when he sent an email meant for people in management and human resources to the entire Journal newsroom.” It’s ok, guys, there’s plenty of room for all of you right here under this rock.

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