Wonders & Blunders: Wham, Bam, Thank You Uncle Sam

By: KCD PR Editorial Staff

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! This year, we’re thankful for sustainable start-ups, cybersecurity and technology that gives back. We’re enjoying the record-breaking market highs, and anticipating historic low prices at the Apple Store on Black Friday. But mostly, we’re looking forward to a relaxing Thanksgiving surrounded by loved ones who make absolutely no mention of politics.

Mark Your Calendars, We Just Witnessed History

The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed above 19,000 yesterday for the first time EVER. The S&P 500 and Nasdaq followed suit, also hitting record highs. So what led to such flourish on the floor? Analysts are speculating that discussions of reduced regulation are sending the market up and up.

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The Robots Will Rule Us All

Just last week, our tech writer predicted that artificial intelligence would be the hottest tech trend in 2017, and turns out Google, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter and Microsoft all agree. Wired reports that Big Tech are not only incorporating AI into consumer products, but also their business operations and structure, including security and HR.

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Tech Without Trust

Not everyone has faith in technology. This year’s World FinTech Report found that digital money management services are gaining steam, particularly with the young, tech-savvy, and affluent in Asia and the Middle East. Half of banking customers around the world currently use at least one fintech product – but less than a quarter of trust them! We can think of at least three things these growing businesses can do to boost user confidence, and here’s a hint: It starts with communication.

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Stay Safe Out There, Startups

As our technology becomes more sophisticated, so do the hackers. Startups in particular are vulnerable to attacks, but not to fear! The San Diego Cybersecurity Center of Excellence has brought together some of the leading minds in cybersecurity to protect your precious data. Follow these five tips – and yes, one of them is to change your password.

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Making the World a Better Place, One Startup at a Time

These startups embrace Corporate Social Responsibility in its truest form. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, they deserve an extra nod for looking past profits to focus on making the world a better place. In the season of giving, consider putting your money toward a gift that keeps on giving!

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