Wonders & Blunders: Did you know that unicorns can fly?

By: KCD PR Editorial Staff


 Up, Up and Away!

The future looks bright, friends. We’re improving diversity in cybersecurity, backing the good guys in finance and moving at a steady clip toward high-flying unicorns. What a wild ride!

Nice Guys Finish First

The financial industry gets a bad rap. From “The Big Short” and “Billions,” to “Flash Boys” and “The Wolf of Wall Street,” Americans are often persuaded that anyone who works with money must be a bad egg. The Wall Street Journal  reports that Virtu Financial CEO Douglas Cifu is determined to rewrite the high-frequency-trading story by focusing on market-making, backing IEX and, um, coaching hockey. His PR push comes alongside his company’s efforts to acquire rival firm KCG, a move that would more than double Virtu’s U.S. trading volumes. 

Now Hiring: Everyone in Cybersecurity
Personnel shortages in cybersecurity are extensive. More than one million jobs in management, legal, compliance, HR and communications that require little to no “tech” or “dev” experience remain unfilled. So what’s the problem? Forbes columnist and Brown University Executive Master in Cybersecurity Deborah Hurley points out one culprit: D-I-V-E-R-S-I-T-Y. Less than 11 percent of cybersecurity pros are women, a trend that no one has felt pressed to change – yet. “To fill those one million cybersecurity jobs, the industry must look to cross-train professionals from other disciplines.” Challenge accepted.
It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s … Your Uber

Unicorns are hard to find, but maybe that’s because they’re flying high above us. TechCrunch reports that last month’s Uber Elevate Summit featured experts from the aerospace, aviation and energy storage sectors. The inaugural event honed in on catalyzing the future of on-demand, urban air transportation, which is about as complicated as you would expect, but also the sector that could produce the next “unicorn.” Long story short, Silicon Valley is betting that tomorrow’s taxi will be a flying car. So when searching for the next billion-dollar startup, keep your eyes to the sky.


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What’s the next billion-dollar idea?

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