Why the Holidays are Prime Time for your PR Campaign

By: Duke Bartnik
Category: Media | Strategy

The holidays usher in a most wonderful time of year – and a most opportune season for public relations. As festive cheer spreads, customers engage more with brands while media appetite grows. This convergence sets the stage for impactful PR campaigns.

Here are a few of the compelling reasons your firm should leverage public relations this holiday season:

Capitalize on Heightened Customer Engagement

Customers connect more with brands during the holidays. Perhaps by reminiscing on childhood memories with hot chocolate or searching for the perfect gift, people feel a closer affinity towards companies. This emotional mindset makes customers far more receptive to outreach across channels from social media to email. With engagement up, brands have a prime chance to build awareness and loyalty.

Spread Cheer Through Media Stories

Media outlets actively seek uplifting holiday stories as appetites shift towards cheerful, family-oriented content. By crafting pitches around seasonal themes — from gift guides to philanthropy drives — brands earn media visibility. While harder to land placements at other times of the year, the holidays open editorial doors. Securing features allows brands to tap into outlets’ wider audiences.

Promote Seasonal Offers

Customers seek deals across the holidays — Cyber Monday, Black Friday, post-holiday sales and more. This offers a major opportunity for companies to garner press around their seasonal promotions and specials. Media coverage helps amplify discounts to motivate purchasing. Driving higher sales volumes during this window helps set revenue records to start the new year strong.

Showcase Company Culture

The holiday season also offers a chance to display brand culture and values through media channels. This could involve highlighting employee volunteer events, profiling holiday traditions, or revealing internal celebrations. By pulling back the curtain, companies gain an authentic connection with customers. Curating fun, genuine content boosts engagement and garners interest across audiences

Influence New Year’s Resolutions

The new year brings new goals as customers set resolutions and reassess their buying habits. Capitalizing on this motivation, brands can use holiday media coverage to influence January’s behaviors. Gift guides prompt post-holiday returns and exchanges, health tips inspire lifestyle changes, and year-end media spots prime customers for fresh 2024 spending.

While every week offers PR opportunities, the holidays multiply customer engagement and media attention. Through targeted outreach, companies can leverage this moment to boost meaningful messaging with amplified impressions at lower costs. Let the season ring your media bells!

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