Spreading Startup Love: 5 Fintech Startups Delivering Value

By: KCD PR Editorial Staff

February is often considered the month of love so we felt it was only proper to spread some affection and highlight a few favorite startups that have our hearts fluttering. Our valentines this year consist of fintech players seeking to bring resurgence to their respected verticals and change the status quo, but most importantly their service offerings are unique and provide true value to end users.


1. Epiphyte – Blockchain

Epiphyte develops enterprise-level software that allows banks and financial institutions to securely integrate with the crypto-finance space. Its award-winning software gained recognition for its simplistic ability to convert the currency of one nation to bitcoin, make an international transfer, and change the bitcoin into the currency of the destination country.

Why we love it: This solution bridges the traditional finance industry with that of modern blockchain technology.


2. Equidate – Private IPOs

Equidate is a stock market for private companies. Its marketplace provides private and institutional investors alike the opportunity to invest in pre-IPO companies. It does so by allowing employees and early investors of growing startups to liquidate a portion of their shares without having to wait years to take advantage of their company’s growth and success.

Why we love it: Equidate benefits both investors and shareholders … not to mention getting the jump on purchasing pre-IPO shares can offer a huge advantage.


3. TrueAccord – Debt Collection

Combining the powers of machine learning and behavioral analytics, TrueAccord has developed a fully automated debt recovery platform. Through a humanistic approach, the platform helps enterprises and small businesses recover billions in lost revenue, and empowers millions of consumers to get out of debt. What makes the platform unique is it leverages its intelligence to develop personalized debt consolidation and collection plans that work for each consumer’s unique situation, leading to increased returns on unpaid debt and customer retention.

Why we love it: Any startup that can utilize technology to both solve an uncomfortable issue like debt and keep customers happy at the same time is brilliant in our book.


4. eToro – Social Investing

While there are plenty of investment platforms to choose from, eToro switches things up by adding a unique social component. Not only can investors interact and follow each other’s trades, but users can actually opt to copy the exact strategy of other investors’ they feel are successful. Investors that become popular on the platform can even earn a percentage from their AUM when others traders choose to follow them.

Why we love it:  eToro takes trading to another level by incorporating a platform that not only encourages investors to try their hand at trading and to help each other, but also rewards them for their successes.


5. GlobalGateway by Trulioo – Compliance

There is no denying that we live in a global economy where doing business internationally is the norm, however with international relations also come rules, restrictions and red tape. GlobalGateway is an online electronic identity verification (eIDV) service created to help businesses comply with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) rules.

Since its development, the platform has evolved to support a diverse range of international electronic identity verification requirements, compliance laws, risk mitigation and age verification.

Why we love it: Innovation knows no boundaries and ensuring that technology can prosper internationally requires a lot of regulation know how when it comes to operating a business compliantly.

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