Meet the Cybersecurity Experts Protecting Our Country

By: KCD PR Editorial Staff
Category: Crisis | Fintech | Media | Security

Cyberattacks are no longer simply a threat for software manufacturers and tech companies. As technology becomes more and more integrated in our everyday lives, cybersecurity is become just, “security.”

This week, BISTalk Radio and co-host Kevin Dinino of KCD PR sat down with special guests John Caruthers, Supervisory Special Agent, FBI, and John Valencia, Executive Director, City of San Diego Department of Homeland Security, to discuss how cybersecurity is a large component of public safety in San Diego and around the country.

“We are facing an urgent evolving crisis in the cyber realm,” said John Valencia, “Cyber threats are beginning to exceed the number of physical threats we are facing as a country, but it is difficult to incite action from the general public based on hypothetical threats.”

However, these threats are anything but hypothetical. From large scale attacks from foreign adversaries to single-man operations intended to defraud citizens out of their life savings, billions of dollars have been stolen every year from individuals and major corporations. These attacks have also leaked into the physical realm. With technology controlling so many of our energy and manufacturing systems, one hacker with bad intentions can damage and shut down an entire power plant, causing major problems for a city and its citizens. Cybersecurity is becoming more and more synonymous with public safety.

So how do we go about adopting and spreading safe cyber standards? Our guests provided a few winning recommendations:

  • Avoid sensitive web browsing – i.e. logging into a bank account or filing taxes – on public networks.
  • Get creative with passwords- never use the same one multiple times on multiple accounts.
  • Utilize multifactor authentication.
  • Practice safe cloud usage – refrain from keeping sensitive documents on the cloud.
  • Always encrypt sensitive information.
  • Chat with friends and family, encourage them to practice cyber safety!

The Cybersecurity Awareness Month series on BISTalk Radio with Kevin return next Wednesday, October 31 from 2-3pm for its final installment – be sure to check out the Facebook live feed or stream live on ESPM 1700’s website.



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