Introducing New Hires: THE KCD PR EMOJIS

By: KCD PR Editorial Staff

Our work is communication, and our nimble, innovative team is always looking for new ways to spread the message. All the cool kids are doing it, and picture is worth a thousand words — so why not try emojis? With the recent launch of our new “Wonders & Blunders” newsletter, we also introduced a suite of advanced communications tools: The KCD PR Emoji Team. 

Things are lookin’ up, and that’s why we’re all smiles. Whether a down industry is on the mend, positive statements are issued, or a commendation is earned, you can count on this lovely lady to bring good news.


sad-emojiOH, NO. 
Something has happened that made us sad. Bad things happening to good people? A market downturn? A staggering loss to mankind? Please accept our sympathies, and will someone please give this guy a hug.


techy-emojiOH, COOL! 
Someone in the news is very smart. A new product launch, an innovative solution, or an advancement beyond our wildest dreams has gotten the tech world talking. You can expect an even smarter response from this one.

angry-emojiOH, SHOOT! 
We are mad, and you should be too. Negligence, incompetence, dishonesty, and disrespect will not be tolerated. Man, these things blow our gaskets.

money-emojiOH, MONEY! 
Someone hit the jackpot. A stellar return on investment, a market upswing, an enormous valuation, a major IPO, or a blockbuster merger will send this guy to the moon. Take us with you!

hair-on-fire-emojiOH, WOAH. 
This news is crazy! This man never even saw it coming, it blew his mind. This information is so wild we can’t even predict what it could be. Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.



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