How to Leverage LinkedIn’s Publisher Tool for Social Media Outreach

By: KCD PR Editorial Staff

Are you struggling for ways to boost your content’s visibility? LinkedIn’s Publisher is a powerful tool to tap into if you haven’t already. This brand-building tool ensures that your published posts will reach not only your LinkedIn connections, but a much broader audience as well. If you want to establish yourself as a thought leader or “influencer” as LinkedIn would say, Publisher can play a major role in helping you get there. To get you started, we’ve created LinkedIn tips on how to most effectively use this tool.

Linked In Publisher for Social Media Outreach

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Know Your Audience

As with any content, when developing a post for LinkedIn, it’s critical to know your target audience. On LinkedIn this is especially important as you’ll have access to LinkedIn channels, which shows users articles on topics they’re interested in. Choosing the right topic or channel can make a drastic difference in how many individuals have the opportunity to read your post. Furthermore, if your post is viewed by enough readers, LinkedIn’s newsreader, Pulse, will pick it up, thus instantly boosting the number of views, comments and shares for your post.

Stay Current

Once you know where your expertise falls in LinkedIn’s channels, make sure that the subject of your post is relevant to your audience. Take the time to research current events in your particular industry or niche and reference other articles and topics have been popular on LinkedIn.

Catch Their Eye

Just because you’ve put together a compelling post, doesn’t mean you’ll automatically draw an audience. To increase your audience it’s critical to use a captivating feature image and captivating title. On all social media channels, imagery and titles can make all the difference and LinkedIn places a particular emphasis on both in its layout.

Don’t Forget the Call to Action

Rule #1 of marketing is to utilize calls to action and using LinkedIn’s Publisher is no different. When developing your post you should always keep in mind what you want the reader to do after finishing your article. If you have an upcoming webinar on the topic being discussed, include a link at the bottom for people to join. Similarly, if you have a previously published ebook, make sure to include a call to action for your reader to download the book.

Ultimately, when used effectively, the LinkedIn Publisher tool can help to establish you as a thought leader in your space, and reach a much broader audience. With the above tips you can start broadening your reach and taking full advantage of the tools that are available to you.

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