Finovate’s Next Top Demo

By: KCD PR Editorial Staff

When it comes to Finovate demos, it is not necessarily the technology or product that is presented that makes it best in show, but how the product is presented.

So what does it really take to make it to the top?

Digestible & Interactive: Agent IQ
Agent IQ is focusing on making banking more personal when customers aren’t physically visiting a bank. Their mobile app allows you to browse different banker profiles and select your own personal, online banker. Agent IQ demoed how beneficial this app was for both the customer and the banker, by displaying the view of both users. Agent IQ puts a branch in your pocket, by allowing you to chat with your personal banker at any time or place. The app uses AI to analyze your message and provides the banker with personalized responses and relevant materials that can either be referenced to answer your question or even sent to the customer. These options help the banker be more productive and answer you much quicker. 80 percent of customers prefer a financial institution with personalized services, and Agent IQ is helping FI’s make this an everyday offering.

Humor: Arkose Labs
Nine out of 10 of every login attempts are hacked, so Arkose Labs is working to breaker hacker economics by making it harder and more expensive for hackers to breach login pages. Although not a funny situation, Arkose Labs brought humor to their presentation by their demo-er playing both roles of both the hacker and the hero. He also lifted the curtain by showing the audience an actual “pastebin” site where hackers can simply copy and paste thousands of real banking customers login credentials. The hacker was able to easily login into a bank account dashboard right here on stage. Arkose Labs software provides financial institutions the ability to add a snip of code to their login page, and have their page protected with Arkose technology. This technology can tell if the login attempt is malicious or not, and if seemingly malicious makes users prove if they are a human or not. The technology is also constantly changing, making it impossible and too expensive for hackers to keep up with, causing them to ultimately give up and leave your finances alone.

Fun & Simple: Launchfire
Launchfire has created a learning/training experience platform for financial institutions. Simply put by Launchfire, bank training sucks. It takes too long, costs too much and employees hate it. Launchfire realizes this but understand how important bank training is, especially in this digital age. Launchfire has gamified training, by allowing users to earn points and buy boosters to get through the training faster. One module example is reading through short bits of content to find the mistake. This module helps the organizations see where knowledge gaps are, as well as ensuring employees are actually reading company material, but keeps users from having to read traditional, longform content. Launchfire also demoed their product simulators. Users have to physically go through all the steps in a process, helping them gain confidence for when they have to talk their customers through the process later on. Another innovative learning feature Launchfire offers is role play scenarios. Users can see what would work well with interacting with customers, as well as where they would lose customers, making the stakes seem real. Role play is a unique feature that adds a lot of value, because it adds the need for empathy and being personable to bank training.

We’ve been impressed by all the demos at Finovate Spring, but will it be humor, an interactive demo, a dynamic speaker or maybe an eye-catching presentation that sets Best in Show above the rest.

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