Cybersecurity is the New Frontier on Jobs and Partnerships

By: KCD PR Editorial Staff

As we approach Small Business Saturday, we often forget that “small business” doesn’t just mean retail. San Diego is the top cybersecurity city, and for good reason. Not only is San Diego a military hub, it is also home to several cybersecurity small businesses that partner with government behemoths like SPAWAR.

In wrapping up BISTalk/ESPN Radio’s cybersecurity series, KCD PR president Kevin Dinino spoke with Eric Basu, CEO of Sentek Global, and Brian Marsh, Office of the Chief Engineer at SPAWAR. They discuss how important these partnerships between big DoD and smaller cybersecurity firms are to the safety of our nation, along with informing future workforce generations about the opportunities in cybersecurity

With over 400,000 workstations and 983,000 users, SPAWAR it is a reflection of the United States Navy’s IT systems. SPAWAR funnels about $1 billion per year into the San Diego area, with $450 million of that making its way into small businesses in this area.

With multiple partnerships between organizations, and an ever-growing cybersecurity ecosystem, there is a shortage of employees that can enter the workforce ready to hit the ground running. Eric Basu, CEO of Sentek Global, urges candidates need practical experience. “There are internships, which I recommend,” he says. “Companies are eager to take on interns.”

Cybersecurity is not just big DoD work. With partnerships between SPAWAR and Sentek as a prime example, it is clear why San Diego is the cybersecurity mecca and why there is a definite need for a workforce with hands-on, practical experience.  

Listen to the entire episode here:

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