AI in Crisis Communications: Bring in the Avengers

By: Olivia Gerling

In a reality where artificial intelligence is here, we need to prepare for some of the drawbacks. What if your company has an Ultron-level crisis, but no Avengers to come in and save the day? Believe it or not, KCD PR can be your superhero squad. Whether you’re looking for Captain America or Iron Man, your company’s communications team is going to be the crew you want to deploy.  

What is Crisis Communication? 

Crisis communication typically refers to the protocols, plans, or technologies your company has put in place for how to communicate if/when something goes wrong. For example, if a food and beverage company discovers there is lead in one of its products, it is important to have a well-ordered plan for communicating to the public about the issue. A sound crisis communications strategy can ultimately have a large impact on a business’s reputation in the long run.  

 Whether a small or large business, firms need to be prepared for a wide variety of incidents. This could include weather, crime, cybersecurity breaches, employee/HR issues, reputation problems, and more. One of the best things you can do is to make sure your communications team knows who to go to in a time of crisis.  

 Can You Use AI to Help with Crisis Communication? 

 The short answer: is yes. AI algorithms can predict emergencies through data analysis. These platforms do this by scouring the web and looking at things such as social media, news feeds, and even websites. AI can also be used to support decision-making processes through the usage of data analytics. 

However, the use of AI will often be the reason why a crisis communications strategy is needed, especially in the early days of AI integration. One of the most important aspects to remember when sharing information with the public is how it is written or spoken, which makes the human touch extremely valuable. Whether or not you plan to use AI in your communication is up to you, but a professional communications expert will never be outweighed by AI.  

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