10 Ways to Repurpose a Conference Presentation Speech

By: KCD PR Editorial Staff

Once you’ve finished giving a presentation at a conference or panel, what happens to it? We briefly touched on how to repurpose this content in our blog about improving your personal brand, but let’s dig deeper to learn exactly how you can use that ready-made content to network and attract business leads.

  1. Post the written speech on your company blog. Depending on the length of the speech, it could be split into a two-part or three-part series. Include photos or video of the presentation embedded in the blog post if possible. Share this blog on both your company and personal social accounts such as LinkedIn and Twitter, using the photos or videos to attract attention.
  2. Post the speech as a LinkedIn article on your personal LinkedIn account. Wait two or more weeks after you put it on your company blog before posting as a LinkedIn article, so Google will index your company blog first, giving that the highest ranking in search results. Share this LinkedIn article with the connections you made at the event in a direct message when you follow up with them.
  3. Ask the event organizer for a copy of the attendee list. Connect with the attendees on LinkedIn. Sometimes these lists contain email addresses, but if it doesn’t, you can still contact the most promising leads through a LinkedIn direct message. Include a link to your presentation blog to remind the attendee who you are.
  4. Re-record your presentation as a podcast, posting it to your website and sharing to social media. Here are some resources for creating a podcast.
  5. If your presentation had a PowerPoint slideshow, create a webinar with it. There are several online tools, such as GoToWebinar, that allow you to upload your slides and record your voice. You can organize a live webinar for special attendees, record it, distribute it and have it available afterward on-demand on your company website.
  6. Use the presentation as part of your media kit. Showing you are an expert in this topic will help secure invitations to speak at additional conferences, interviews and more.
  7. Teach a class on the topic of your presentation. The class could be through on an online platform such as Udemy or as a guest lecture at local colleges and networking groups.
  8. If you didn’t record video of the presentation at the conference, or if you don’t have permission to share the video, record yourself giving the speech in your office or other appropriate location…even a rented co-working space could look nice. Share this video on your company website and on both company and personal social media.
  9. Create an eBook using the presentation content. Make this eBook into a website landing page offer that persuades people to sign up for your mailing list. Promote the offer on social media, blogs and more. The offer could be a simpler format than an ebook, such as a template or checklist, depending on your presentation topic.
  10. Share the blog, webinar, or other assets above, with the speakers from the same event. Ask if they’d like to write guest blogs, speak at guest webinars or speak on podcasts on your company’s website.

Tailor the above to what works for your presentation. You now have ten helpful ideas on how to repurpose the content you worked hard on. Put that content to work for you!

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