Wonders & Blunders: Valentine Volatility

By: KCD PR Editorial Staff


The recent volatility of the markets makes for an exciting Valentine’s Day, causing hearts to race for reasons other than romance. No one can say the market swings have been boring … it keeps investing interesting!
Our love of finance, excitement about new tech developments and interest in communication inspired our first article recommendation. What if you could trade stocks simply by tweeting? Now you can, using TD Ameritrade’s latest development. #buy #sell #buy #sell #tdtwittertakeover
Employee benefits brokers have different approaches to adopting and recommending new technology to their clients, according to a recent report. Would you like a broker who is quick to suggest new technology, or a broker who waits until the technology is proven effective? There are, for lack of a better word, benefits to both choices.
Wonders & Blunders wraps up with an overview of stock market action. What a wild ride!
TD Trading by Tweeting
Katherine Chiglinsky and Sarah Ponczek in Bloomberg.
TD Ameritrade retail investors can now use Twitter direct messages (DMs) to buy and sell stocks and ETFs. TD introduced a similar feature for Facebook Messenger several months ago. If you’re not a TD customer, you can still DM the TD Twitter chatbot for stock prices, research and social media sentiment. More upcoming TD features include 24-hour trading and stock updates through Amazon’s Alexa.
Benefits Broker Tech Trends
Wonder: How are brokers taking advantage of the latest tech trends? – by Katie Kuehner-Hebert in BenefitsPro. 
A new report classifies employee benefits brokers into several categories based on their adoption of technology, and advises employers to choose the best type of broker for their needs. “Automation leaders” are quick to adopt new technology and try innovative solutions for their clients, such as enrollment tools. “Next Gen” brokers make sure the technology has proven results before recommending it to clients, ensuring their image as a trusted advisor is not tarnished.
Stock Markets Rising and Falling For You
The 121-year-old Dow Jones industrial average suffered two 1,000 point drops last week, during the two worst days in its history. The market dropped amid fears that interest rates would rise faster than expected due to the expanding economy. The drops followed a period of record highs, which caused some analysts to label last week’s downward movement as a correction. As of Tuesday, stocks continued to rebound.
Forbes speaks with Charles Thorngren, CEO of Noble Alternative Investments, about cryptocurrencies in “rebound mode.”
Forbes speaks with Charles Thorngren, CEO of Noble Alternative Investments, about XRP price surges.
» BOTTOM LINE: Decoding Cryptocurrencies: 12 Terms You Need to Know
By now you’ve heard of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, and you’ve watched the values of these unfamiliar assets both peak and trough over the past months. But what is blockchain and what are the components that make up this emerging landscape? We’re digging into the basics and breaking down the terms you need to know if you want to hold your own in the world of cryptos.
Intrinio, a financial marketplace driven by machine learning and artificial intelligence, wanted to appeal to investors, developers and financial services companies as a data provider that delivers enormous efficiencies at a lower price point than firms such as Capital IQ and Bloomberg. The company formed a strategic partnership with QUODD Financial Information Services to provide Nasdaq’s real-time data directly to enterprise clients (institutions and banks). Previously, Nasdaq’s data was provided in a raw and unfiltered form. The partnership provided enterprise users with faster implementation and a lower cost to access Nasdaq basic on the market.

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