Wonders & Blunders: Flagging a Problem During Spotify’s IPO

By: Kevin Dinino
The sounds of Spotify’s IPO took over the news yesterday, with a bit of “static” at the beginning when the wrong country’s flag was flown in front of the NYSE. Though the stock exchange responded with a good-natured joke, reporters couldn’t help but wonder if the flag snafu was a comment on Wall Street’s unhappiness with this nontraditional IPO.
What are municipalities doing to improve cybersecurity in the wake of Atlanta’s ransomware attack? New York City has been working on a cybersecurity initiative focused on mobile devices, which is set to launch this summer.
We couldn’t leave you without a bit of crypto news. Coinbase has a new VP of business development and her extensive background in M&A has us wondering: What’s next for this cryptocurrency platform? It’s just one more exciting thing to watch in the fast-paced world of crypto and blockchain projects!
NYSE Throws Shade at Spotify’s IPO
Blunder: NYSE Flies Wrong Flag to Honor Spotify’s IPO – Chris Morris in Fortune.
The NYSE attempted to honor Spotify’s roots by flying the Swedish flag Tuesday morning during Spotify’s IPO, but it flew the Swiss flag by mistake. The Swiss flag is red with a white cross, quite different from the blue and yellow Swedish flag shown above. The NYSE admitted its error in good humor, calling it “a momentary ode to our neutrality in the process of price discovery.”
NYC Taking Steps to Secure Online Activity
New York City will offer residents cybersecurity tools starting this summer to protect against hacking and other malicious online activity, especially on mobile devices. The app, called NYC Secure, will alert users to potential threats and provide tips on how to prevent against cyberattack. The city also will increase security of public Wi-Fi networks.
What Companies Will Coinbase Acquire?
Coinbase recently named Emilie Choi, LinkedIn’s former head of M&A, as vice president of corporate and business development. At LinkedIn Choi oversaw 40 M&A transactions. Coinbase has not made any big acquisitions in the past, but Choi said the company is now in a position to ramp up M&A focused on bringing in new talent, which she calls “acqhires.” We can’t wait to see what’s next for this rapidly growing crypto company!
Kevin Dinino, President of KCD PR, wrote about five ways AI is disrupting financial services, in Fintech Futures.
KUSI News talks to Ken Slaght, President of San Diego’s
Cyber Center of Excellence (CCOE) about cybersecurity for the City of San Diego Public Safety and Liveable Neighborhoods Committee.
10 Artificial Intelligence Terms to Know
When it comes to buzz words in 2018, artificial intelligence is certainly top of the ranks. As the field of AI continues to grow across all verticals, so too does the misuse of common terms. Better understanding what these terms mean is the first step in clearly defining the difference between AI and all of the subsets that fall beneath it. So, whether you’re a professional in tech or just plain curious, we’ve got your covered.
Noble Gold Investments
Noble Gold Investments (“Noble Gold”) is a precious metals IRA investment firm located in Los Angeles. The firm had the exclusive rights to the first gold depository located in Texas and approached KCD PR to assist with the rollout of this announcement. Despite this significant news, Noble Gold was competing in a challenging environment and struggling in terms of driving national media awareness for its business. Furthermore, the firm’s marketing initiatives were sporadic, uncoordinated and executed without a strategic approach.

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