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It’s been a summer of leaps and bounds, and this week is full of wonders. The technology industry is moving ever closer to artificial intelligence, exposing marketers to a dizzying array of new data. Washington is exploring whether relaxing regulations might promote growth in the fintech sector. And sorry to brag, but our own shop has grown and changed tremendously in recent months. Who doesn’t love good news?

Your Next Friend Could Be a Robot
The Wall Street Journal dives into “social technology,” an ongoing development from tech giants including Google, Apple, and Amazon. It seems the latter’s Echo, a voice-controlled speaker powered by artificial-intelligence software named “Alexa,” has been moving beyond voice commands to actually, um, befriend its users. “I love her,” said one consumer. And as we grow more intimate with our devices, Amazon monitors every interaction to collect increasingly personalized data. Creepy, or just plain cool?


Come on In, the Sandbox is Fine
In a controversial move to keep up with the tech scene across the pond, Congressional representatives are asking regulatory agencies to relax some rules surrounding fintech innovations. “Sandbox” arrangements in the U.K. partner financial entrepreneurs with regulatory officials to develop a limited product launch timeline that bypasses many rigorous steps of the regulatory process. Bloomberg reports that the “permanent beta” initiative “is designed to provide fintech entrepreneurs more freedom to try out a new idea without becoming entangled in what may be ill-fitting regulations.”


Summer Recap: Acquisition, Web Launch, New Clients and Hires
It’s been a busy season. The San Diego Business Journal covered KCD PR’s acquisition of New York-based fintech PR firm Wall & Broad, and named the agency one of the “Fastest-Growing Private Companies.” KCD PR also expanded its client roster to include four new finance and tech companies, launched a new website, and brought on new senior staff. Anyone who says Southern Californians are a bunch of lazy beach bums hasn’t met our team yet.




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