Why You Need A Professional to do Your Video Marketing

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In today’s tech savvy world, content creation can be done by virtually anyone. From children making Vine videos for fun to businesses shooting in-house commercials, user-friendly technology has made it possible for anyone—even amateurs—to get in the game. While technology definitely has its perks, it doesn’t always mean you should take the reins. With an over-saturation of mediocre, self-made content cluttering the web, crafting high-quality resources has become a must. To ensure your business’s video marketing content stands out from the crowd, consider bringing on a professional who can take your project to a whole new level.

Here are four reasons to leave video marketing to the pros:

Time: In the interest of saving time, we strongly urge the use of a professional videographer. Professionals can help you realize your vision more clearly than you could yourself and they can also help narrow down your content to ensure only the most relevant information is included. The amount of time and resources that are devoted to a video marketing project are often severely underestimated. While the end product might be a 30-second commercial, the entire production process could easily take five hours or more. The planning, production, filming and editing stages of a video marketing project can overwhelm a business that has little or no experience handling a venture of this caliber.

Audio: Along with many other technical elements that we’ll get to later in this post, poor audio is a pesky factor that can wreak havoc on an otherwise high-quality video marketing project. Because a business’s video marketing content is so important, the audio elements need to be on-point. Producing high-quality audio segments can prove to be more difficult than imagined; static, background noise and even poor volume levels can detract immensely from a video’s content. This means you will need microphones that are appropriate for the different filming environments in which you will be working and the knowledge to set them up correctly. In order to effectively get your message across, the audio component of a video needs to be clear and easy to understand.microphones

Framing: Without having a proper education or even basic training of video production, the quality of your footage will suffer. A professional videographer will be able to assess the space in which you are shooting in order to make use of the best lighting techniques and camera angles. Without professional lighting, your picture quality will have to depend on natural lighting in your environment, which is typically not ideal. You can potentially end up with washed out colors, overexposed areas or even grainy video footage. A professional will also be able to strategically frame objects that are on camera to draw a viewer’s attention to specific elements on screen. Essentially, a professional videographer will be able to manipulate a shot in ways most amateurs wouldn’t recognize.

Editing: Video editing takes certain finesse. Editing comes down to much more than just clipping video segments and stringing them together. High-quality videos will contain advanced transitions, graphics, special effects and even calls-to-action. Editing not only takes skill, but also takes specialty software and computing power that allows for professionals to enhance image quality and neutralize audio levels. Today’s average PC will take up to one hour to render a 30-minute clip, which can become extremely time consuming for someone who uses their computer for more than just video editing. Most of the finer elements that separate a high-quality video from an amateur video are implemented in the editing stage and this makes finding the right balance of content and visual interest a challenging task for most. It also adds one more reason to call on the professionals.

Video marketing is a valuable tool that can be utilized by businesses to engage viewers and drive website traffic – when done right. If you’re considering video marketing but don’t have the necessary expertise to do so, take a look at some video marketing services and examples to see how you can get started!

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