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Company branding is one of the most effective and important ways companies can communicate their value proposition. And if you missed our recent blog on branding, here are a few important things to note. A company’s brand is more than just its logo. It is all visual elements, messaging and even emotions you want your customers to associate with your company.

More often than not, a company already has a “brand,” or what they thought was a brand, in place. For one reason or another, they may determine that their current brand identity isn’t as effective as it could be. So is it hopeless for those companies to develop an effective company branding? Certainly not! While a rebrand may sound daunting and even risky, the list of rewards for a brand relaunch is endless. If you’re considering a rebrand, we answer some of the most common questions to consider before you move forward.

Rebrand Strategy

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What is a rebrand?

A rebrand or brand relaunch is a reiteration of a company’s values via representational elements. Many successful companies go through multiple rebrand campaigns throughout their life span. The amount of change varies from case to case. Some simply produce a few pieces of new marketing collateral and some completely change their logo, website and all identity items associated with the brand name. Depending on the situation, a company may want to even have a complete overhaul of its value proposition, mission and/or marketing direction.

What are the consequences of a rebrand?

Of course, if a rebrand is carried out without careful consideration, the results may be received poorly by its target audience, especially if it’s already a well-established brand. Take the case of ABC Family’s recent identity swap. In an attempt to appeal to a new audience ABC Family completely tossed out the “ABC” name and took on a new name of “Freeform.” A rebrand in one way or another will break the bond that the company’s customers have already formed with its identity. Occasionally, this can be detrimental to the livelihood of a company. This idea is so frightening that some companies completely disregard the possibility of a rebrand. However if a rebrand is done correctly, those customers are going to come back and form an even a stronger bond with the company than before.

Rebrand strategy

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What does the process involve?

The first and most critical step of the rebranding process is to take the time to determine if a rebrand is necessary. This involves taking a deep look at where you are as a company and identifying things such as:

  • What is the current strategy and is it effective?
  • What are the core values of the company and does its brand effectively support it?
  • Will the company go through any significant change of direction within the next three years?
  • Specifically, what elements within the brand are ineffective and need improvement?

When you’ve put a bit of thought into it and determined that your business does in fact need a rebrand,  and after determining exactly what you want changed, it’s time to start tackling those items one by one. Depending on the case, overall process could take from a few weeks to half a year and most definitely will take a large amount of dedication. For a well sized company, a specialized team of marketers and designers may be formed to spearhead this project. Ultimately, it takes the entire company’s involvement and enthusiasm to make the brand successful. Of course, the best thing to do during this step of the process is to speak to some branding experts who can work alongside you to help realize a vision for the new brand.

Why turn to the experts?

B2B branding experts have dabbled in branding and more importantly, rebranding, likely much longer than you have. They have specific recommendations on what to do and what not to do. From their experience they can set a realistic timeline for the process and give guidance on which element of the brand to focus on first. Lastly, they will take a huge load of tasks and responsibilities off your shoulders, leaving you to focus on preparing your team for the rebrand process.

A complete brand re-launch certainly is no walk in the park. It takes dedication and many hours of planning and strategizing. The most risk-free and hassle free way of getting through it is to find an industry trusted B2B branding agency who will go on the journey with you.

Does your company need a rebrand? Here’s a free checklist of everything a company should do before they take on a brand relaunch!

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