Why We Love Content Marketing and You Should Too

By: KCD PR Editorial Staff
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Whether we like it or not, traditional marketing methods aren’t as effective as they once were. The stats say that 86% of Americans use their DVRs to fast forward through TV commercials, 91% unsubscribe from email lists, 44% of direct mail is never opened, and more than 221 million people have put themselves on the national “Do Not Call” list.

In order to effectively attract customers to your product or service, they need to know what’s in it for them. That’s where content marketing comes in.

Content marketing is the act of creating educational content that attracts people toward your website where they can learn more about your product or service offerings on their own schedule. It is positioning your company to be discovered instead of actively reaching out to your target customer to engage in the sales process. Once you have a prospect’s attention by first providing them with the information they desired, you then have the opportunity to convert that lead into a customer.

What makes this approach so different? Where your energy may have previously been spent cold calling, buying ads or sending unsolicited emails, it would now shift to focus on content creation, making your website more attractive to customers and utilizing SEO and analytics tools to reach your target audiences.

The Internet has completely changed the way we make purchasing decisions. People don’t want to be sold to, they want to perform their own research and find information on their own. Content marketing fits the mentality of today’s buyer.

Producing thoughtful and engaging content that is relevant and helpful to your customers is not only a proven methodology for the digital age, it also provides more control over your overall marketing process and strategy. When done right, your ideal customers will start coming to you.

Whether you dedicate a member of your team or outsource your content marketing to another firm, be sure you are aware of what your marketing efforts may be costing you by taking a deeper dive into calculating your ROI .

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