Unicorn vs. Colossus

By: KCD PR Editorial Staff
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The media never tires of reporting on the next “unicorn” on the tech scene. And as soon as we anoint that unicorn, the big bad tech establishment comes along and tries to crush it (…or buy it. And then crush it).
This week’s battle: Sprinklr vs. Oracle. Corporate colossi including Oracle, Adobe, and Salesforce have long been in acquisition mode, picking up social media management startups in an effort to replicate what Sprinklr has done — to the tune of $1.8B valuation success. Sprinklr allows large enterprises to manage their social media marketing, advertising, content management, and monitoring from one dashboard, and Oracle been taking note. Just google “Sprinklr,” and the first sponsored result that pops up is … Oracle. Real subtle, guys.
Oracle’s reasoning is sound. Per CNBC: “Up for grabs is a huge market for social media marketing. By 2020, according to 451 Research’s Market Monitor, big brands and companies will spend more than $3.2 billion on software tools to manage their social media marketing, monitoring and outreach.”
Everyone wants in on the social media management for marketers game – but what does this mean for the marketers?
We have no shortage of options to manage our digital communication and marketing requirements – but despite the availability of more than 3,500 digital media management platforms on the market, I’ve honestly struggled to find one that does it all. Here at KCD PR, we use Constant Contact for email marketing, Highrise for CRM, we built our website using WordPress, and we are certified Hubspot partners to manage our clients’ digital marketing. It gets complicated! And it’s surprising that, with so many options on the market, none of them provide a complete marketing suite.
Sprinklr founder and CEO Ragy Thomas says his company will be the first to accomplish this “omnichannel front office,” all-in-one digital media management platform. But not if Oracle gets there first.

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