Tools for GDPR Compliance: Is your Organization Prepared?

By: KCD PR Editorial Staff

GDPR is top of mind for companies serving consumers in the EU, as its May 25th implementation date is rapidly approaching. The watershed rules of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are making waves across the globe, and companies are racing to ensure compliance to avoid facing the costly penalties that will be imposed if they are not prepared. Though its goal of protecting personal data of EU citizens is well intended, GDPR’s cumbersome requirements may present significant hurdles to the companies that have come to rely on collecting and utilizing personal data to target and customize messaging to current and perspective clients. Fortunately, there are tools to help.


In a February blog post, we provided an overview of GDPR, its requirements and the regulation’s impact on PR and marketing practices. As we get closer to implementation, we’re taking a closer look at the tools that can be used to achieve compliance and the companies giving rise to the regtech revolution.


Below are five of the top tools on the market to help companies prepare for GDPR:

This is an enterprise-wide data governance solution that automates data governance processes and tasks to make company data accessible and traceable, as well as to quickly and securely deliver data to the business users who need it. It helps organizations build the foundation needed for GDPR compliance, which includes: A centralized inventory of personal data items across the business and technical landscape; governance accountability and workflow for personal data ownership, definition, and requirements; and detailed data sharing agreements outlining how the organization shares personal data both internally and externally.


PORT connects to the services businesses are already using to ensure personal data meets GDPR requirements. It automatically compiles and organizes data from multiple platforms to give companies one view of customer data, as well as syncs across apps (e.g. if a customer’s address is changed on one app, it updates on all others). Additionally, this tool provides organizations the ability to select appropriate compliance settings based on how the business uses personal data, and creates GDPR-compliant data agreement that are shared with customers. Further, businesses can see how personal data is being used and share these insights with customers.


This risk assessment tool provides companies with a complete understanding of device and application use on-site, on the cloud and via mobile, a key component of critical readiness. It enables companies to fix problems by first having full visibility into the extent of an issue. It helps companies build an effective GDPR plan and response strategy via automated discovery that provides a detailed accounting of which users have access to which applications and cloud services, as well as how they are used.


This technology is embedded into company devices, including desktop computers, laptops and mobile devices at the factory. Organizations can monitor and manage all devices anytime, anywhere. The platform maintains constant connectivity to devices, even when they “go dark,” in order to stop data breaches at the source. It identifies suspicious activities and precursors to potential security breaches. Additionally, it enables companies to take control of rogue devices, including the ability to spot when information may become compromised. It even enables them the ability to delete data on any device. In short, it helps companies avoid human error and mitigate risks associated with rogue employees.


OneTrust offers comprehensive, integrated, technology-based solutions to help companies comply with GDPR requirements. This include readiness and privacy impact assessments, data inventory and mapping automation, website scanning and consent management, subject rights requests, incident reporting, and vendor risk management. Its platform is pre-configured with templates and workflows that can be tailored based on unique industry and organizational requirements.

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