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The finance and banking world is chock full of amazing experts and journalists, many of which we get to work with at KCD PR on daily basis. Over the years, we’ve developed relationships with reporters who inspire us, make us laugh with their witty Tweets, and make us reflect with their thoughtful, engaging articles.

Being a journalist is a tough job, and while there are hundreds of great journalists out there, we couldn’t help but round up a select few who really stand out in the banking and financial world.

Here are our top five journalists you should follow and work with. Ladies, first.

The Woman Who Really Does It All: Farnoosh Torabi

You can’t talk finance without hearing Farnoosh’s name. The host of the widely popular So Money podcast hails from Massachusetts (like me) and has championed personal finance topics that advance women and people of color for years. You may have seen her work as editor-at-large at CNET, or Next Advisor, MONEY, The New York Times, or through one of her books. Yet, what makes Farnoosh a great all-around follow is her down-to-earth, relatable nature. She shares real-world, practical advice about how to divvy up expenses with your significant other when one partner earns more, answers listener questions every single week on her podcast, and reminds us all that you don’t have to watch “Squid Games” if you don’t want to.

The mom of two is easy to find online – she is quite literally everywhere – but is most active on Instagram and Twitter.

The One Who Has Your Back: Annie Nova, CNBC

The pandemic’s aftermath appears to have touched every corner of our lives – from our pocketbooks to rent prices to those pesky student loans. Annie coveres the biggest issues impacting our personal, professional, and financial lives while giving us the resources to help navigate them with ease. She’s the BFF you need at all your dinner parties. Not only can she explain what NFTs are (in layman’s terms) and show you which states are expanding protection against evictions in 2022, but Annie is also chock full of information for real-life challenges impacting Americans every day.

You can find her on Twitter @anniereporter.

The Know-it-All that Actually Knows it All: John Heltman, American Banker

Most know-it-alls get a bad rep, but if you’re John Heltman, knowing everything is part of his charm. The accomplished, award-winning editor-in-chief does not mess around when reporting on fintechs, politics, policy, and deals. As creator of the publication’s Bankshot Podcast, the man is smart enough to make you question everything you know about the financial world but laid back enough to want to grab a beer with afterwards. John knows all the big players in the industry and isn’t afraid to ask them the hard and necessary questions. If you want answers, John is the man to look to.

You can find him over on the Bankshot podcast and on Twitter.

The O.G. of Technology: Olga Kharif, Bloomberg

Olga makes the list as the original gangster of covering complex technologies for national publications, including the blockchain. The Bloomberg reporter has covered an array of topics in the past but now covers everything happening in the cryptocurrency space. Her headlines add a touch of humor and creativity (See: “The Cyrpto Bros Want To Be the Guggenheim of NFT Art” and “Crypto’s Energy Guzzling Sparks and Alternative that Merely Sips”) – it’s no wonder she’s our top choice for a must-follow!

Jam out with Olga on Twitter @olgakharif

The Nice Guy That Always Wins: Paul La Monica, CNN

The old saying “nice guys finish last” does not apply to CNN digital correspondent, Paul La Monica. He is one of the best in the biz and really great to connect with on all things tech, fintech, and market movement. On Twitter, Paul is quite the influencer – he’s been with CNN for twenty years and shares great tidbits about stock prices, M&A deals, and IPOs with a side of humor and pop culture. He’s a fun follow on Twitter (@LaMonicaBuzz), a great read on CNN, and a friendly reporter we love working with.

A KCD PR, we like to keep our finger on the pulse of the biggest stories, movers and shakers in the business. Journalists are at the heart of what we do as media relations professionals, and without them, we wouldn’t be able to watch our clients grow. While this list is by no means exhaustive, we do like to celebrate and appreciate the ones that we enjoy reading, watching, or working with.

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