The Billion Dollar Club: Who’s Next?

By: Kevin Dinino
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billion dollar club

For years, Silicon Valley has been home to an exclusive club of start-ups, entrepreneurs and tech giants looking to hit it big. Some ventures survive, many fail, and a select few find enormous success. As we watch Facebook move out of Silicon Valley and onto Wall Street with the launch of its widely anticipated Initial Public Offering, we wonder what other companies in the valley share that same multi-billion dollar drive. We’ve dug a little deeper to identify other startups that could have what it takes to join their former neighbors gone public, like Groupon, Facebook, LinkedIn and Zynga.

What it is: Online scrapbooking website where users can share photos, recipes, and more over virtual pinboards.
Valuation: $1.5 Billion
Launched: 2009
Number of Users: 20 Million

What it is: Microblogging service that allows users to send text posts of under 140 characters.
Valuation: $8 to $10 Billion
Launched: 2006
Number of Users: 140 Million

What it is: Online file-sharing that offers cloud storage and file synchronization
Valuation: $4 Billion
Launched: 2007
Number of Users: 50 Million

What it is: A collection of note taking apps created to organize your everyday thoughts into a notebook archive.
Valuation: $1 billion
Launched: 2008
Number of Users: 25 Million

The KCD PR Take: By looking at the numbers, it would be safe to say that Twitter could be next to tip-toe onto Wall Street. It would be great to see Pinterest continue to thrive in Silicon Valley, but is Pinterest’s rapid growth just a fad? Do we dare compare it to the short-lived fame of Myspace? It’s fun to make some educated guesses and stay in tune with what the future will hold for these companies. It’s also important to think about how movements like these can affect our businesses, our economy, and our lives.

What are your thoughts?



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