The 5 Positions You Need to Handle All of Your Marketing Solutions

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Hire new positionsEvery office is different and when building your marketing dream team the things that work for the Jones’s may not work for you. There are many different ways to construct your ideal marketing team but the core values of your team are likely the same.  You will need a collaborative, adaptable, hardworking team that can work well under pressure and adjust to the needs of your company or your clients. To develop this team, there are five positions that must be filled before you can achieve your marketing goals.

If you already have a team working on your marketing solutions then you should consider hiring based on gaps in service or process. Additionally, if you are starting from scratch you may want to fill these positions first. Below is a list of the core members of your marketing dream team and what you should look for during the hiring process.


Content truly rules the present day world of marketing. Although other elements such as design, promotion and social engagement are also important, (we’ll get to those later) it all starts with a strong message. Responsibilities will vary depending on office size and corporate structure but at a high level the copywriter is responsible for writing corporate communication materials while consistently representing your brand and your client’s. These materials may include everything from blog posts, newsletters and web content to brochures, manuals and handbooks.

Beyond writing the content, the ideal copywriter would research newsletters and manuals for customers and internal employees in addition to researching competitor materials to stay ahead of any industry trends. The copywriter should be able to apply his or her writing skills to create persuasive, compelling copy that educates your target audience about your brand.


Even if you hire the top talent to draft your content the fact still remains: Every writer needs an editor. When hiring, look for candidates with strong written and verbal communication skills, the ability to work in a team and follow production schedules. Suitable candidates should also possess a keen eye for detail.

Your editor should be capable of reviewing and editing copy, fact-checking, writing thought provoking headlines, packaging stories and managing multiple projects. Additionally, all of this needs to be executed under deadlines so a proficiency with time-management is crucial.

It is imperative that you hire an editor who is well-versed in  grammar and punctuation. This person should also be able to work closely with your design staff to produce a compelling final product. Collaboration is key.

The editor is your last line of defense when they perform final scans of content for grammar, spelling and punctuation (GSP) as well as checking for clarity, accuracy, consistency, style and tone. Beyond these items, the ideal editor will make recommendations based on knowledge of your target audiences and any internal or external style guides.

Graphic Designer

Strong visuals can make or break a good content strategy. Not only do you want a graphic designer who is skilled technically, but they should also thrive in a team atmosphere because they will work with the copy and editorial staff.

The fundamental skills for graphic designers include: Designing and maintaining branded materials for your websites, taking and editing photographs or video and creating PowerPoint presentations that are laced with multiple visual elements. Solid candidates should also proactively seeking out the latest publishing and Web technologies to stay ahead of the curve. Expertise with the Adobe Creative Suite is another talent to seek out and this includes Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Adobe Premier.

Beyond production, you’re looking for a graphic designer who can conceptualize and design promotional materials as well.

Website Developer

A website developer is a specific breed of computer programmer that specializes in the development and maintenance of applications and services deployed through the Internet. Their responsibilities involve much more than day-to-day maintenance of your website. Candidates with a computer science degree typically make the best fit but there are many other valuable skills that can a website developer can have. For example, a web developer with a good handle on graphics and design will likely have an arts and communication focus while the developer that specializes on backend coding has a better command over technical aspects. Since the world of technology is evolving at such a rapid pace you should look for website developers who are open to and excited about ongoing education.

Content Coordinator

Your content coordinator should serve two essential functions, acting as the primary project manager and promoting your marketing efforts through social media. The project management aspect of this position essentially requires the content coordinator to bridge any gaps in the content development and publishing process. Their responsibilities can vary but the end goal is to drive traffic back to your website. The key to a good marketing strategy is consistency and your content coordinator is the glue that holds the team together.

Once the puzzle pieces have come together it’s important to share your content. Maintaining a consistent presence on social media is often the best way to drive traffic to your brand aside from organic growth efforts like keyword optimization.

Your content coordinator should be able to publish written and video blog posts, make basic updates to the website as needed, curate and schedule social media posts, and manage multiple projects at the same time while adhering to strict deadlines. The content coordinator should also exhibit resourcefulness and creativity in finding curated content, actively participating in the development and creation of new content.

What’s Next?

Each one of these team members plays a key role in the execution, promotion, and success of your brand reaching your target audience. Does the prospect of onboarding five new employees seem overwhelming? See if there’s a way KCD PR can take some of the work off of your plate.

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