Recruiting Financial Advisors: 5 Marketing Tips to Communicate Your Value

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Recruiting Financial Advisors: Marketing Tips to Communicate Your ValueThe financial services industry is full of competition, from advisors competing to win new clients, to firms trying to win the advisors themselves. At KCD PR, we work with a number of large financial institutions looking to recruit financial advisors to join their firm. We are often asked for advice on ways firms can stand out in the crowded marketplace that is financial advisor recruiting. Here are a few strategies to ensure that the advisors you wish to recruit are finding you – both online and off.

Have a relevant website with actionable content

A company’s website is the business card of days past. It must be modern, aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate. The language should be carefully developed and consistent. An advisor coming to your website needs to be able to identify what it is about your firm that makes you a better fit than the rest of the pack. This messaging should be consistent across all of your digital marketing platforms.

Steps for Recruitment Marketing Success

Engage with social media marketing

While it has made great strides in recent years, the financial advisory industry still has plenty of opportunity when it comes to social media marketing, making it an ideal avenue to elevate your brand. For firms looking to recruit the next generation of financial advisors, social media is a great place to engage with prospects. Social media platforms provide the opportunity to reiterate the value of your firm while improving your SEO (search engine optimization) rankings, making it easier for potential recruits to find you online.

Develop a content marketing calendar and strategy

Content marketing to engage and aid in the sales process provides your website visitors with helpful and relevant content. Firms looking to recruit new financial advisors should use content to produce blogs that advisors looking to change firms or break into the industry will find informative and educational. Content marketing is also a way to position your brand as a thought leader in the advisory industry and provides the opportunity for others to comment on trends within the space.

Utilize the power of public relations

For many firms, marketing budgets are limited. Public relations helps you communicate your brand in a cost effective way. Advertisements come across as exactly that, advertisements. Earned media, on the other hand, provides third party validation about the value of your firm. Readers are much more likely to trust a news article than a paid advertisement, regardless of the industry. Being quoted by industry and national business media can enhance credibility and put your firm at the forefront of the minds of other prospective financial advisors.

Build brand ambassadors out of your current advisors

This last step is rather simple: make your current advisors happy. The better support you provide, the more likely they are to communicate that value to others. Never underestimate the power of word-of-mouth referrals. A positive reputation is the foundation for any marketing campaign’s success!

Are you effectively communicating the value of your firm to potential recruits? Download our “Differentiate Your Brand: Marketing Strategies for Success” checklist below.

Differentiate Your Brand: Marketing Strategies for Success

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