News Sources: Moving Beyond the Paper

By: Kevin Dinino
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social media platforms as news sources

We came across an article the other day that proves an interesting fact: traditional media is no longer the only source of breaking news. In the last two years alone, the percentage of Americans who get their news via social media has doubled. With networks like Facebook approaching a billion users, this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. However, major news companies, including print and television, are now scrambling to hold onto their viewers.

One way news companies are trying to save themselves in this battle is by making digital versions of their newspapers available on their websites and through mobile apps. They are hoping to encourage viewers to click on their app before clicking the Twitter logo.

Of course whenever social media is involved, a generational gap comes into play. Those under 30 are more likely to read the news via social media while their parents and grandparents are still picking up the traditional newspaper. This creates an added challenge for news companies to appeal to different audiences.

In our office, we still appreciate receiving The Wall Street Journal and believe that being able to read a physical newspaper still has its perks. However, reading the digital version on an iPad or having the same articles accessible online makes it easier to share. The best way that news companies can keep up is to join the trend. If they are actively posting their articles and making them readily available to those using search engines to find information, they will be able to still drive traffic to their websites even if the number of people reading the physical newspaper continues to decline.

We encourage our clients to adapt to any digital changes, and these news companies should do the same by embracing today’s technology rather than feeling vulnerable. As with any brand, consumers are loyal to the companies they trust and this includes traditional news sources, no matter what shape or form.

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