Meet KCD PR’s Latest Team Additions

By: Kevin Dinino
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My name is Alexa Strobridge and I am very excited about joining the KCD PR team as one of their newest Account Coordinators! As a native of San Diego, I ventured away for college in San Francisco. After spending two years there, I quickly began to appreciate how beautiful my hometown really is. It’s extremely easy to take this city for granted when you live here your whole life! I decided then to move back and finish my undergraduate education at the University of San Diego where I earned my degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing.  During my time at the University of San Diego, I was able to take advantage of the many networking opportunities from my on-campus job, internships, and campus organizations. The experiences I had during my college days are what have really prepared and motivated me to begin my career in public relations and marketing. I am eager to help our clients receive the brand recognition they deserve while learning as much as I can about this constantly changing world of PR.

Now meet Becky, the other new Account Coordinator at KCD PR!

My name is Becky Parker, also a new Account Coordinator with KCD PR. Born and raised in Bettendorf, Iowa, I went to Kansas following high school to begin the infant stages of my public relations career. By throwing myself into leadership positions and internships both on-campus and in the surrounding community, I built a foundation whose elements were the relationships I’d created.  I finished my degree in Public Relations and Marketing Communications at St. Ambrose University and began working in public affairs for the government, a position which I greatly enjoyed. However, my lifelong goal of living in beautiful San Diego found me packing for a one-way trip across the country. Now, a year and a half later, I reside in the city of my childhood dreams, working in the field of my adulthood passion.

I am an adventurer and explorer of the world who is happiest when seeing new things, making new connections. For me, life is about learning and growing and striving to be better every single day; but most importantly it’s about positioning myself to positively impact others’ lives, in ways big or small—and doing so with authenticity. Through my Account Coordinator role at KCD PR, my goal is to help clients grow and be their very best. I get to make new connections, build and nurture new relationships, and use my education and expertise with the intent to positively impact clients’ businesses. I also get to work in a public relations world that changes daily, which feeds my attraction to the unfamiliar. I have a career through which my personal and professional objectives can not only coexist, but can complement one another. And for that, I am extremely grateful.

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