How to Leverage Your Wins in the Financial Services Industry

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This post was originally published in December of 2014 and has been updated.

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Halfway through 2015 we continue to see a rebounding and growing economy, unemployment rates as low as 5.9 percent and increased employment opportunities, specifically in the professional and financial services industries. This last year, financial advisors continued to evolve, finding innovative ways to leverage technology and social media marketing, while trying to keep ahead of industry trends.

Whether you find yourself working as a part of a recruiting team for a large broker-dealer or custodian or a venture capitalist looking to close your next big deal, it’s increasingly important that branding, marketing and external promotion are used to showcase your firm’s value to prospects. If not, no one will learn of your success as most prospects use the web as their main way to research.

First Things First

Did you know that 70% of a buyer’s decision process is complete before they contact or engage with a potential business?

What influences the remaining 30% of the prospect’s buyer journey?

As technology evolves and people are bombarded with messages from every direction, having a powerful identity as a firm looking to recruit top talent is key to cutting through the noise. Creating and maintaining your company brand will be an essential part of your success. This means establishing a cohesive look and feel for your website, social media pages and communications with the public. Utilizing marketing for recruiters is a fundamental part of your success so ask yourself the following questions when developing an effective brand and determining how to position your identity in the marketplace:

1. What makes you special? Why should a quality financial professional choose you? What does your company offer that differs from everyone else?

2. What will the prospect’s experience look like?

3. When a potential prospect hears your name, what three words do you want them to think of?

Your Content Should Reflect Your Vision

While you’re busy hunting for “right fit” financial professionals, you may be missing out on the best opportunities. For example, financial advisors may not feel comfortable volunteering that they are looking to change firms. In fact, they may not even know that transitioning is the right move. By offering your knowledge and promoting a growth oriented message, you increase your digital presence, demonstrate your value and knowledge of the industry, and begin to establish a rapport. The hard part is over! Now that you’re in front of your target audience, take the opportunity to appeal to their emotions by communicating your understanding of their pain points. Show empathy, educate your prospects, demonstrate your value and establish yourself as a thought leader in the industry.

Success Requires Momentum

Establishing your brand and creating powerful content isn’t the end of the road. If you are already effectively recruiting quality producers, how are you making those wins count? Solidify your position as an indispensable resource for new candidates by becoming impossible to ignore. Prospects now have access to as much information about your company as you do about them as a prospect, so if you aren’t easy to find, you may not seem relevant. Some non-negotiables for establishing and maintaining your brand online are:

  1. Make sure your website is functional, modern and consistent with your brand. From the language used to the over-all aesthetics, it should be simple, straight forward and consistent with your brand’s messaging. For many potential recruits, this will be your first chance to tell your story and it is imperative to make a good impression. Showcase your value, highlight your successes and make it easy for them to see what makes you the best.
  2. Optimize for mobile. Currently, only 13 percent of Fortune 500 corporations have a “mobile career website,” but that doesn’t mean it’s not necessary. Recent data shows 62 percent of job seekers currently use their mobile device(s) at least once a week for job searching. By optimizing your website for mobile, not only are you positioning your brand exactly where recruits are looking, but you are putting your value in the palm of their hand.
  3. Be present on major forms of social media. Having a branded company page on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is a must!
  4. Don’t just create your Social Media accounts, use them! Engage with your audience and continue to build rapport with them. Encourage candidates and peers to engage with you as well. Social media is meant to establish a community, so it is important to maintain a consistent presence.
  5. Don’t be afraid to promote. Share your wins, successes and testimonials with your followers. You’ve earned them! Not only will this engage your audience, but it will also continue to solidify your reputation as a trusted resource and viable option for other potential candidates.

With a strong brand, quality content and consistent engagement, marketing can become an indispensable factor in your recruiting efforts and the overall growth of your business. You’ve fine-tuned your practice and closed top producers, now it’s time to leverage those successes and help future recruits find you.


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