The Love Affair Between Journalists and PR Pros

By: KCD PR Editorial Staff
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We’ve been struck by an arrow from the Cupid of news and reached out to media pros this Valentine’s Day to find out what they love about us PR pros. (I know you’re not technically supposed to ask for a Valentine, but after coming across Tweet after Tweet from journalists expressing dissatisfaction with PR pros who don’t understand their needs, we decided it was a must.)


Here are a few of the love notes that were delivered to our inbox:

“Dear PR Pro,

Thank you for pitching me an expert voice just as news breaks. When you anticipate my need before I even send the ask, it’s unbelievably helpful and makes my program even stronger. You’re the real MVP!

-Emi Feldman, Cheddar Booking Producer

“Dear PR Pro,

I love it when PR professionals provide me with quotes that are useful, concise and timely. Having strong input can go a long way toward writing a great article.”

-Charles Bovaird, Forbes Contributor

“Dear PR Pro,

Just like with journalism, it’s easy to become cynical about public relations, thanks to the profession’s inevitable bad apples. But balancing out those practitioners, fortunately, are the PR pros we love to hear from, who make reporters’ lives easier and their stories stronger through quick, thorough and honest communications on behalf of their (lucky) clients.”

Sarah De Crescenzo, San Diego Business Journal 


Key Takeaways for PR Specialists:

  • Know who you’re talking to and their coverage area


  • Be up-to-speed on the news cycle and trends – tailor your pitches to reflect current events


  • Timing is key


  • Don’t use sales terminology hyperbole – be real


  • Make sure you communicate the value your client adds to news coverage – state why they’re an expert and exactly what they have to say (Not what everyone else has already said.)

Next week we’ll be delivering a few belated valentines to journalists. We’ll help them understand what we need from them – the second list of ingredients key for creating an irresistible love potion that will ultimately enhance news coverage.

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