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By: Kevin Dinino
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Many financial services companies use email marketing to increase leads and grow their business. But are you reaching as many people as you think? How many people are opening your emails and engaging with the content you’ve worked so hard to create?

Here are some strategies we recommend to start engaging readers and seeing positive results.

Make your content exclusive: Give your subscribers preferential treatment. For example, if you have an upcoming client event, make sure they’re the first to know. And advertise that subscribers receive premiere content. People don’t like feeling that they’re missing out, so this is a great tactic to entice outsiders to get involved.

Be consistent: Send your emails at the same times on the same days so that your audience expects to hear from you. Research has shown that eNewsletters have the highest open rates on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Use a solid call to action: The point of eMarketing is to not simply engage readers for a few moments, but to ultimately drive traffic to your website and generate interest in your business. Include a strong call to action in your emails – perhaps several times. For example, include the link to your website and give them an incentive to contact you: offer a free consultation or a discount on a service if they provide you with a referral.

Less is more: Don’t write a novel in your emails. Keep them short and to the point. Use bullet points, short paragraphs, and bolded points to make the important parts stand out. The likelihood of someone reading an email longer than 200-250 words is very low.

Include a P.S.: A P.S. at the end of an email usually piques viewers’ interest—especially those who may be quickly skimming the information. Consider including a call to action, a quote, a statistic, or anything that you think will grab their attention.


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