Five Q’s with KCD PR’s Newest Additions

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We’re excited to introduce KCD PR’s newest team members, Amanda Powers and Ashley Weaver. To help everyone get to know each other, we’ve asked Amanda and Ashley to answer a few questions about themselves. First up is Account Coordinator, Amanda Powers.


Q: How did you get into Public Relations as a career?

A: I was lucky enough to launch my career at a fantastic startup PR firm in Boston shortly after receiving my bachelor’s degree and I immediately loved the industry. Working for a small company allowed me the opportunity to work directly with clients, jump right in to media relations, and take initiative with social media campaigns. Public relations is a dynamic industry; with constant change it is both rewarding and challenging.

Q: What does a typical day look like at KCD PR?

A: Every day is different! My responsibilities range from seeking media opportunities for our clients to updating company news on websites and social media platforms. KCD PR is such an exciting and collaborative place to work and I am constantly learning “best practices” in public relations and marketing from our awesome team.

Q: How has the transition to financial services communications been for you?

A: It has been very educational. The great part of working for clients in the financial services industry is their news is so applicable to current events and a multitude of different demographics of Americans. I am constantly reading about retirement planning advice, stock market trends and investment opportunities and pitfalls. This has also been extremely beneficial to the way I approach my own finances!

Q: What do you miss the most AND the least about Boston?

A: Of course I miss my family and friends back in Boston, but I also miss the landscape and, strangely enough, the history! Boston is one of the oldest cities in the country and you can find something historic around every corner. From walking the Freedom Trail to visiting Plymouth Rock, time spent in Boston and the surrounding area is always enriching. And I’m sure anyone can guess what I miss the least… Shoveling the multiple feet of snow off of my car in the winter!

Q: Any hidden talents we should know about?

A: I have convinced myself over the years that I am an animal whisperer… My skills have yet to be disproved (or proved, for that matter).


And now, let’s chat with Public Relations Assistant, Ashley Weaver.


Q: Ashley, what is it like being the only California native on our team?

A: I didn’t even realize I was! Being from California, and San Diego especially, is easy to take for granted. Between the gorgeous weather, the beaches, the shopping and the food, a girl can really feel spoiled around here. I can’t imagine living anywhere else, and frankly, I don’t have to!

Q: What advice can you give to a recent graduate looking to break in to the public relations industry?

A: Know your strengths and use them to your advantage. There’s nothing wrong with a little verbal self-promoting as long as you know the difference between confidence and cockiness and can back up those words with productive actions. Always be willing to work and work hard. Also, learn to network and maintain positive relationships. A good word from the right person is sometimes the best way to get a foot in the door.

Q: What do you like most about working at KCD PR?

A: I like that every day, there’s something new going on amongst our diverse client roster. Even though our clients are all in the financial services industry, each is unique and I feel like I’m working on a multitude of different things. Plus, I’m learning a ton and soaking it all in. The integration of traditional PR along with social media and marketing, aka “PR 3.0,” is new for me, but it makes a lot of sense. I’m also learning about financial services in general, and who wouldn’t benefit from that kind of knowledge?

Q: When you’re not in the office, where will we most likely find you?

A: I’m a bookworm, so my Kindle is almost always nearby. If I’m not at home reading, I’m probably spending time with my boyfriend, catching up with friends or watching a ridiculously loud action movie with my dad.

Q: How much do you love Dr. Pepper?

A: More than any normal human being should. I have a problem.

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