Enter the Metaverse: What the Future of PR will Look Like

By: KCD PR Editorial Staff
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Public Relations is an area of practice that is consistently evolving. Long gone are the days of spending hours on the phone pitching print newspapers, mandatory office hours, and traveling across the country for a thirty-minute new business pitch. The world is changing and to survive, the industry must change with it. In the past year, tech journalists and futurists alike have been buzzing about life in the metaverse – a 3-D interactive virtual space, that will bring together users from around the world together to connect in real-time. While still in its infancy, the Metaverse opens the door to a new level of business operations and can fundamentally change the way PR professionals operate.

Conferences and Events

Since the pandemic, the ability to network with media in person has been stifled by the rise of virtual events. Sure, these events often offer some form of group chat forum in an effort to mimic the chance meetings with media at a booth or a happy hour, but I believe I can speak for most people in saying that it just isn’t the same. At this point, we are tired of the video calls, the distracting pings by colleagues in the middle of meetings and the overall sense of isolation. The introduction of the metaverse will enhance virtual and hybrid events by allowing those who cannot make it in person to meet “face to face” with media in a new and immersive virtual environment. PR pros can set meetings with journalists, order drinks, and “sit down” at an event for the type of uninterrupted quality time that breeds meaningful relationships.

Virtual Demos

The introduction of the metaverse also opens doors to a new form of presentation. One that says sayonara to power points with too much distracting text and hello to one that captures an audience and showcases real value. Developments in augmented and virtual reality will allow PR pros to offer demos of client solutions that place the journalist in the center of the problem they are trying to solve while optimizing time and budget constraints. For example, if a PR pro is pitching a story on how a software solution for truckers will drastically improve their quality of life on the road, a virtual experience created in the metaverse will allow a journalist to try it for themselves instead of trying to translate words, facts, and figures into a human experience.

PESO 2.0

KCD PR has embraced The PESO Model™ for building buzz around client initiatives. This model for integrating paid, earned, shared, and owned media into one campaign will see a second life in the metaverse as new pathways to content creation are developed. As the metaverse continues to grow and mature, tech and business outlets will be among the first to create new channels that are exclusive to a new digital environment. At this point the possibilities are endless, but I wouldn’t be too surprised to see a future podcast being recorded in the metaverse in front of a “live audience” or a broadcast reporting live from a digital event.

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