Do You Know Your Cybersecurity Risk Score?

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Sixty percent of small to mid-size companies who suffer a security breach are bankrupt within 6-12 months. Taking action to avoid this breach is the single most important thing any business owner can do to protect themselves and was a large topic of conversation on the BISTalk cybersecurity series last week with Scott Zoldi, Chief Analytics Officer at FICO.

This Cybersecurity Awareness Month, KCD PR president Kevin Dinino has been co-hosting BISTalk Radio with different guests and topics, to help keep you and your business safe. Sponsored by the San Diego Cyber Center of Excellence, these episodes feature senior professionals in the cybersecurity field who are covering topics ranging from the current cyber war and personal cybersecurity to cyber education and getting into the cybersecurity profession.

To determine a cybersecurity risk score, FICO uses historical data to reveal the odds that a company will be breached. They worked with the National Chamber of Commerce to determine the ‘eco-systems’ for different types of industries and understand how they might be targeted. Financial sectors are more heavily targeted because they have personal data and information on their customers, whereas a store that sells homemade socks might not have the same risk.

With FICO, you can register and take a free online assessment to determine your company’s cyber risk score and subscribe to monitoring services to determine the best way to bring that score up. “A cyber criminal typically spends 6-9 months in an organization before they attack, so it’s important to look for oddities in your employees and take care of it right away,” Zoldi said.

To learn more about your score and start protecting your business please visit: 

The full episode can be viewed below:


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