Celebrating (and Communicating) Our Love for PR

By: Kevin Dinino
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Love is in the air at KCD PR! To show our affection for the public relations and marketing industry, our company and our clients this Valentine’s Day, the KCD PR team took a moment to answer the question: “What do you love about public relations?” Our responses lead us to believe we never truly take off our “PR pro” hats. But that’s a good thing… right? See for yourself!

KD heart“I love to witness the evolution of this industry and the impact technology has made on our daily job functions. The field of public relations now crosses over into managing digital marketing and social media marketing efforts because the overall message of a company needs to be integrated and carefully managed. I’m learning more about media and trends via social media channels and have seen the news cycle compress even further over my 14 year career. Being a part of a small, thriving upstart San Diego public relations agency allows us to work directly with clients and have a say in their communications strategy – it’s a very rewarding position that requires plenty of hard work, assertiveness and always thinking one step ahead.”

RH heart“Whether it’s communicating relevant company news to the media, helping a client write a bylined article or blog post, or crafting an executive bio for a new team member, as financial communications professionals, we are in a unique position to help craft a message and make sure that message reaches the desired audience. I also love my job because it’s a great conversation starter. I’m always pleased when I get the opportunity to explain what I do because it is usually a great opportunity to help someone understand the true value of public relations. That ‘aha moment’ that people have after I tell them about my job is absolutely awesome. That being said, I’m pretty sure my Dad still doesn’t understand what I do for a living…”

dubs heart“I love financial services public relations because I’m passionate about using my communication skills to help promote others’ visions. I’ve always loved reading and writing and using my talent to help others, so public relations and marketing is the perfect career for me. There’s nothing better than working with a client over a period of time and transforming their brand from an unknown to being well-respected by clients, centers of influence and the media. I enjoy working at KCD PR because every day is different and teaches me something new. As our industry evolves and new communication channels emerge, the activities and counsel for our clients changes, too. Also, I really love the Mexican food at Barrio Star, and the fact that it’s right down the street means that I can have delicious lunches during the workday!”

powers heart“Our clients are entrepreneurial, innovative and passionate about the professional and financial services industry, and if we are able to bring their stories into the spotlight, then we’ve succeeded. This industry requires you to be a “jack of all trades,” so one day you may be writing a press release and the next you are planning a client’s national conference. Every day is different and challenging, and I am constantly learning more about effective communications, digital marketing, social media best practices… the list goes on. It also doesn’t hurt that KCD PR has an incredible team that knows how to keep things exciting! We work hard, but still find time to laugh each day and truly enjoy each other’s company.”


weaver heart“I love the challenge that working in public relations and marketing brings each day. You never really know what to expect, but being prepared for any scenario is crucial. Working in this field has taught me how to view any given situation from a multitude of perspectives and forces me to find the most interesting and engaging angle to communicate to any given audience. Our financial services client base adds another layer of complexity that I love. I never thought I would be someone who read The Wall Street Journal daily – but I do, and I actually enjoy it… Shocking.”



Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

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